23 Alcohol Inspired Christmas Gifts For Boozehounds

December 10, 2017

Is it wine ‘o clock yet?

We all have that friend or family member.

You know the one – they’re the first person to whip out the wine at gatherings and have developed a reputation for peer-pressuring everyone into doing shots or having “Just one more!” when the bar’s about to close. And they totally own the fact they’re a boozehound.

Which is why any one of the following tongue-in-cheek alcohol inspired Christmas gift ideas is sure to bring a smile to their face. If they don’t fall flat on it first at the family Christmas party.

1. This rose gold cocktail kit 

Because we just love everything rose gold.

Buy it here.

2. These Himalayan sea salt shot glasses

Tequila, anyone? (FYI science says it’s actually good for you. Really.)

Buy it here.

3. This Christmas Edition Prosecco

Which goes well with…

Buy it here.

4. This Prosecco Pong

Because what’s more fun than Prosecco and ping pong? (Prosecco Pong, of course.)

Buy it here.

5. This bourbon-infused coffee

For the person who doesn’t know if they need a caffeine hit or a shot of alcohol to get them through the rest of the workday.

Buy it here.

6. These red wine remover wipes

For the klutzy vino lover.

Buy them here.

7. This low-sugar cider

Because going on a diet shouldn’t have to mean ditching your fave beverage.

Buy it here.

8. This home brew journal

For the beer-making enthusiast.

Buy it here.

9. This wearable cocktail kit

For the person who should never be further away than arm’s reach from a cocktail.

Buy it here.

10. These wine glass tassels 

Never get your glasses mixed up again.

Buy them here.

11. This mini flip-cup drinking game

Relive your college years.

Buy it here.

12. This cocktail recipe book

Tasty recipes in a chic book that’ll look great on their coffee table.

Buy it here.

13. This wine-tasting party kit

For the (boozy) hostess with the mostest.

Buy it here.

14. This very reasonably sized wine glass

A glass of red a day is supposed to be good for your health, but no one ever said anything about the glass size…right?

Buy it here.

15. This mug which could technically hold more than coffee

Because sometimes getting lit is the only way of getting through nine to five.

Buy it here.

16. This bath caddy wine holder

Settling into a warm bath with a book and glass of wine? Don’t mind if we do.

Buy it here.

17. This boozy board game

It’s Monopoly, but tipsier.

Buy it here.

18. This genius coaster set

Cool your beer and keep glass rings off the coffee table. Everyone wins.

Buy it here.

19. This old-timey cocktail book

For the classic cocktail lover.

Buy it here.

20. These scotch-infused toothpicks

For the boozehound who has everything.

Buy it here.

21. This flask which comes with a built-in shot glass

Because it’s pure genius.

Buy it here.

22. This (necessary) holiday hangover kit

They’ll need it the morning after Christmas.

Buy it here.

23. And this very adult coloring book

Because grown-up girls can have fun, too.

Buy it here.

Featured image by Ashim Joshi.

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