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23 Excuses Every Introvert Has Used To Get Out Of Going Out

23 Excuses Every Introvert Has Used To Get Out Of Going Out

I think I’m coming down with something…

Let’s face it, we’ve all made excuses, hell, told bald-faced lies even, to get out of doing stuff we have zero interest in participating in.

But what happens when you’re an introvert with zero interest in going out, and your friends are all extroverts who seem hell bent on dragging you kicking and screaming to the nearest sticky-floored, deafeningly loud nightclub for an evening that can only be described as your own personal hell?

You become the queen of making excuses is what. And they usually sound a bit like this…

1. I’ve got a lot of work to get through tonight, don’t think I’ll make it out.

2. I totally would but I literally just promised the boss I’d do an early shift tomorrow.

3. That sounds amazing, I can’t believe I’m double booked and won’t be able to make it.

4. I’m not feeling well. Think my stomach’s playing up. What annoying timing.

5. Oh dammit. I just remembered I’m supposed to clean the house tonight for an inspection tomorrow.

6. My sister just called, she’s having boy issues, better go make sure she’s okay.

7. My parents are coming round for dinner, or else I’d totally be up for that.

8. Think I ate something weird at work today, been throwing up all afternoon.

9. I just have to duck home to feed my cat. Will literally be right back.

10. I’m mega run down, just don’t think I’m up to it physically tonight.

11. Of course I want to meet your crazy work friends! They sound amazing! Saturdays are just no good for me. Unfortunately.

12. Go ahead without me, I’ll catch up with you in an hour. I’m totally right behind you!

13. Urgh. I have to finish reading this stupid book for book club or else I’d totally be there.

14. I was all ready to go then my cousin called. I totally lost track of the time.

15. Oh my gosh, only just saw your text! So sorry I missed this, would’ve loved to come!

16. My cat’s sick.

17. I annoyingly only found a park in one of those 15 minute zones, so will have to go really soon.

18. You sound like you’ve had a busy day, why don’t we reschedule for when you’re less swamped?

19. Don’t think I’ll be much of a conversationalist tonight, got a lot on my mind.

20. I wish I could, but I’m flat broke, just can’t afford it.

21. It sounds so fun, but I’ll have to pass this time, I promised the cat we’d have bonding time.

22. I’m just a bit too emotionally fragile for people right now.

23. So exhausted, think I’m just going to have to have a boring night in…

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Comment: What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told to get out of doing something?

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