23 Insanely Hilarious Gift Ideas That Are Actually Genius

June 3, 2019

What do you get the person who already has everything?

Got a friend who is literally the WORST to buy for? Dying to get something off your chest, but can’t find the words?

You’ve come to the right place.

We know that shopping can be super stressy when your nearest and dearest are picky. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time and money on a gift that’s going straight to the back of the storage cupboard (or worse, the bin).

We’ve searched far and wide for awesome gift ideas that are equal parts funny an genius . The important people in your life better get ready for some giggles, because we’ve put together a list of the funniest (and fiestiest) gifts on the interwebs.

You’ll thank us later…

1. For your favorite stress head

For that special someone who is too highly strung to hang out with atm. If you’re finding it hard to give them some tough love, let these candles do it for you.

Buy it HERE.

2. For the friend who is always in a sticky situation

Know someone who can make a bad situation worse? This is the perfect bored game. Think of it as a ‘what not to do’ guide.

But it HERE.

3. For your sinful sisters

If someone in your life has been behaving badly, cleanse them of their sins with these soapy suds.

Buy it HERE. 

4. For the girl who hates her co-workers

Give her the gift of subtly expressing her frustration.

Buy it HERE. 

5. For the friend who just can’t anymore

When they’ve got no f*cks left, give them this bad boy. I guarantee they’ll feel better.

Buy it HERE. 

6. For your ex

Give yourself the gift of closure (and the last word).

Buy it HERE. 

7. For the scaredy cat

Gently nudge them in the right direction with a not-so-subtle sentiment.

Get it HERE. 

8. For your fave wine mum

If she loves some sneaky day drinking, this customizable mug will leave you guessing whether its coffee or a cocktail.

Buy it HERE. 

9. For your disorganized work wife

If she’s a hot mess and she can’t take a hint, this is the perfect way to get the message across.

Buy it HERE. 

10. For the potty-mouth

If you need some loose change and your roommate swears like a sailor, consider this is an investment in your financial wellbeing.

Buy it HERE. 

11. For the guy who is having a rough go


After all, sh*t happens.

Buy it HERE. 

12. For your bad-ass boss

If your boss has been more hostile than helpful, these might just do the trick.

Buy it HERE. 

13. For your drinking buddy

For the friend who is always down for ‘just one drink’.

Buy it HERE. 

14. For the beer bro

The beer drinkers in your life will love these socks almost as much as you bringing them a beer.

Buy it HERE. 

15. For the beverage snob

If she sends the coffee back because she doesn’t like the taste of the bean, this is the perfect gift.

Buy it HERE. 

16. For your brunch buddy

If carbs are the way to her heart, she’ll love these earrings more than your brekkie dates.

Buy it HERE. 

17. For the friend who’s a diva

Treat the self-aware Miranda Priestly in your life.

Buy it HERE. 

18. For the bed head

For the friend who constantly sleeps but always seems to be tired.

Buy it HERE. 

19. For the acupuncture angel

Treat your hippy dippy pal to sweet sweet tension relief. Say goodbye to stress headaches and hello to zen.

Buy it HERE. 

20. For the shower skuller

This shower glass holder will go down like a treat (and so will the wine).

Buy it HERE.

21. For the smarty pants

For the not-so-stable clever cookie.

Buy it HERE. 

22. For the personal proximity princess

These socks are guarenteed to stop people treading on her heels.

Buy it HERE. 

23. For the ray of sunshine

Treat the light of you life to some sweet studs. After all, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

Buy it HERE. 

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