23 Signs Your Nutella Addiction Is Spiralling Out Of Control

February 4, 2017


Today marks my fave day of the year, World Nutella Day.

Never has a condiment deserved its own holiday more than the glorious hazelnut spread that commands serious food worship.

I blame my own Nutella addiction on my father, who introduced me to its chocolatey goodness when I was a toddler, thereby setting off an obsession I haven’t been able to shake since.

There are just so many delicious ways to eat Nutella, even just thinking about Nutella brownies or Nutella Brioche makes me drool. And looking at Nutella’s Facebook page, I know I’m not alone with this condiment crush. The sweet spread has over 31 million fans – even more than Kim Kardashian.

And to be honest, I have no plans to ever break up with my fave breakfast food, as the thought of life without it literally brings tears to my eyes. If you feel the same way, there’s a small chance you too may have a serious next-level addiction on your hands. Here are 23 signs your Nutella obsession is officially spiralling out of control. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing…

1. You want to put a ring on it.

2. You will scrape it off anything and still eat it.

3. The sound of opening a Nutella jar gives you goosebumps.

4. You want to bathe in it.

5. You wish someone would look at you the way you look at Nutella.

6. This is a serious declaration of love to you.

7. This is you when nobody’s watching.

8. You kiss your Nutella jar goodbye after breakfast.

9. You eat it by the spoonful.

10. Anything with a Nutella filling is foodporn to you.

11. You don’t care that it’s unhealthy.

12. This would give you a foodgasm.

13. You bond with people over Nutella.

14. You’ve considered using it as a face mask.

15. You would kill for Nutella.

16. A thin layer of Nutella on your bread just won’t do.

17. Someone bringing home Nutella makes your day.

18. The only way to eat pancakes as far as you’re concerned, is with Nutella.

19. You feel like doing a happy dance when eating the gooey goodness.

20. And you tend to get hangry (hungry-angry) AF when you haven’t had Nutella for a few hours.

21. It always gets your attention.

22. Your clothes regularly have Nutella stains on them.

23. And you feel innately that your Nutella just gets you. Sigh…

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Comment: How do you like to eat your Nutella?


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