23 Stunning Mani Ideas For Short Nails

July 19, 2017

This is for all the shorties out there.

The sheer devastation most women feel when breaking a nail is one of those things men will never understand, probably because they don’t spend any time growing their nails and nurturing them with nail oils, base coats, top coats and upmost care doing any manual tasks.

It’s this dedication to regular at-home manicures that makes it so frustrating when I’ve grown my nails for months and am finally happy with their shape, and then snap one doing something trivial, like looking for my keys at the bottom of my handbag. It means I have to cut them all off, and start over, as I just can’t stand the look of a fingernail that’s shorter than the rest.

But the good news is, short nails can be just as pretty as long nails. In fact, some nail art looks much better on short digits than long claws, especially bright neon shades or bold glitter designs, which can be a little overpowering on lengthy talons.

So if you just had to cut all your nails, or you keep them short in general (let’s be honest – much more practical!), why not try one of these fab mani ideas for short nails…

1. These tiny dots.

2. This eye-catcher.

3. This ombre-meets-confetti masterpiece.

4. This sunset design.

5. This black-and-white art.

6. This galaxy inspo.

7. This burst of brilliance.

8. This modern twist.

9. This dotty delight.

10. This chic creation.

11. This glittery goodness.

12. These sharp lines.

13. This striped simplicity.

14. These pretty pineapples.

15. This stunning look.

16. This metallic mosaic.

17. This nod to nude.

18. These sparkly stars.

19. These neon nails.

20. This holographic happiness.

21. These rose gold tips.

22. These fantastic florals.

23. And these shades of gray.

Images via pinterest.com, instagram.com

Comment: Do you prefer long or short nails?

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