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24 Insanely Drool-Worthy Ways To Eat Nutella

24 Insanely Drool-Worthy Ways To Eat Nutella

No logic required. Just chocolatey goodness.

Confession: I’m a vegan, so I don’t actually eat Nutella (please don’t burn me at the stake). I do however, have zero objection to anyone who endorses blatantly spreading copious amounts of chocolate on anything edible.

So while I’ll stick to my vegan chocolate spread, for the sake of all the diehard Nutella devotees in this universe, I bring you the 24 greatest ever ways to eat industrial amounts of the stuff. All of these recipes will give you a sugar high, most will give you love handles and every single one will almost certainly turn you into an insatiable chocolate bloodhound. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. Strawberry Nutella panini


Because strawberries and chocolate were meant for each other, and everything good comes in sandwich form. (Recipe here)

2. Sea salt Nutella fudge


Chocolate and salt should never be apart, one bite of these babies and you’ll agree. (Recipe here)

3. Nutella pop tarts


If it lives inside a pop tart, it’s worth eating. (Recipe here)

4. Decadent Nutella brownies


Because, BROWNIES. (Recipe here)

5. Nutella waffle cookies


Heaven is for real. (Recipe here)

6. Coffee and Nutella macarons


Anything that combines caffeine and chocolate warrants immediate eating. (Recipe here)

7. Salted caramel and Nutella stuffed cookies


Ooey gooey goodness in cookie form. (Recipe here)

8. Choc Nutella croissants


Like croissants? Like Nutella? See where I’m going with this? (Recipe here)

9. Baked Nutella donuts


There is a God. And it’s the person who baked these donuts. (Recipe here)

10. Giant cookies with Nutella frosting


Chocolate in frosting form = utter greatness. (Recipe here)

11. Nutella chocolate pots with creme fraiche and sea salt


No, your eyes don’t deceive you. (Recipe here)

12. Choc strawberry Nutella cake


Is this reality or a dream? (Recipe here)

13. Nutella chocolate cups


Be warned: no one can stop at one of these. No one. (Recipe here)

14. Nutella stuffed choc chip cookies


You did read that right, didn’t you? (Recipe here)

15. Nutella frozen yoghurt


The perfect treat for a hot day. (Recipe here)

16. Nutella cheesecake bar with Oreo crust


Three of mankind’s greatest inventions come together in one perfect bar. (Recipe here)

17. Two ingredient Nutella mousse


EVERYONE has time for two ingredients. (Recipe here)

18. Nutella churro donut holes


Need I really say more? (Recipe here)

19. Nutella cinnamon scrolls


The humble cinnamon scroll just got next level. (Recipe here)

20. Nutella ice-cream


‘Nuff said. (Recipe here)

21. Nutella banana swirl muffins


An excuse to eat Nutella at breakfast. As if you needed one. (Recipe here)

22. No bake Nutella pie


Pretty sure I had you at ‘No bake’. (Recipe here)

23. Nutella milkshakes


It’s a milkshake. With Nutella in it. (Recipe here)

24. Nutella + ice-cream


If you need a recipe to work this one out, you’re not worth its greatness.


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