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18 College Students Reveal What They’d Do If They Got Pregnant

18 College Students Reveal What They’d Do If They Got Pregnant

“Probably get an abortion because I’m just starting my life.“

Pregnancy and college just seriously do not mix together — there are only a few people that can financially and emotionally afford to bring a human into this world at such a young age. And for that, I applaud them.

I wanted to get some more understanding on what women in college would do if they were culture shocked with a positive pregnancy test, and here is what I found…

1. I’d get by with my family’s support

“I would keep the baby and figure out how to raise it on my own. I have a very supportive family so I know that they would have my back in the end”

2. Adoption would be the only option

“I actually had a bit of a scare this month so I already thought this through… I would drop out of school and get a job. Hopefully, continue with some night classes at a community college but I would need to get a job. My parents already told me years ago that they would cut me off if I got pregnant. I would need to get my own place too. I would seek out different services (like Good Counsel Homes). Once I had the baby, I would put it up for adoption in hopes of giving the child a better future.”

3. I’d let my parents decide

“I would handle it with my parents and see what they said about what I should do. I would talk to my boyfriend and see how he felt after everything is talked about I would see if we should put the kid up for adoption. I wouldn’t want to ruin the kids future and life if I wasn’t ready for a baby. Although it’s bad and wrong to abort, I would have to do what’s best.”

4. Abortion, no questions asked

“I would get an abortion because I know that I cannot financially or emotionally take care of a child at this age. I want to continue my education and get a well-paying job, have a social life, and take care of myself. I cannot do that while pregnant.”

5. I’m not ready

“Having a child is a blessing because some girls can’t. But therefore I’d have to have an abortion due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to handle that also because I’m not ready to be a mother.”


6. Babies after marriage

“My boyfriend is terrified of getting pregnant out of wedlock, it’s not that we’re uncommitted it’s just he has a big fear not being able to afford a child. I told myself and my girlfriends if it ever were to happen I would get an abortion and never tell him to protect him from making that hard decision. I’m not proud of it but I do believe it is the most mature thing to do for us.”

7. My boyfriend’s decision matters, too

“Cry, but come up with a plan and talk it out with my boyfriend.”

8. We’d keep it

“Keep the baby! My partner and I have discussed what we would do if it were to happen and both agree to keep the child.”

9. It would depend on who I’m dating

“It would depend on the relationship I’m in. If it’s strong, I’d do my best to give the baby a great life. If I wasn’t in a relationship at all, I’d really have to consider my options, abortion, adoption, etc. “

10. Managing it

“I would keep it if it’s with my current boyfriend. I would try my best to manage school and a baby!”

11. Keep it, duh

“Probably cry, first. Then, tell my mom and ask for her advice. I would likely keep the child. I might want to halt my relationship with the baby’s father (assuming he’s my boyfriend) so we could be co-parents and not risk something breaking us up.”

12. I’d be happy

“I’d keep it. I’d be happy. I always wanted to be a mom and being so close to graduation, it actually would be a really great thing.”

13. Do it all

“Have the baby: go to school concurrently“

14. Study + baby

“Most likely keep it. Continue degree from home at a local community college”

15. Take time off

“I would have the baby, but would probably take off two years or so to work and prepare.”

16. Lean on parental help

“I would move back home and have the baby. “

17. Adoption would be an option

“I would try to stay in school as long as I could and then take some time off when it got closer to the pregnancy depending on what time of year it was. I would not get an abortion, I would still have the baby but I am not sure if I would keep it or give it up for adoption. It would probably depend on whether or not I was in a relationship with the father of the child.”

18. On the fence

“Keep the baby and either raise it with help from family or give it up for adoption.”

All in all, everyone views are different. I hope that if you are ever in this position you choose what’s not only best for you mentally and physically, your partner, and most importantly for the human you will (or will not) bring into this world.

And, always practice safe sex.

This article has been republished from Swoon with full permission. You can view the original article here.

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