26 Signs You’re With Your Forever Person

October 23, 2017

Because sometimes “just knowing” isn’t so easy. 

Finding your perfect match doesn’t always happen easily or spontaneously; as much as every Sandra Bullock film we’ve ever watched would have us believe.

Many of us are still searching for our soulmate, (or doing everything we can to find them). And even those lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship will inevitably grapple with the question; ‘is this my forever person?’.

When happy couples say “once you find them, you’ll just know” it can be frustrating, because it’s not that easy for everyone.

We’ve all had relationships, some more serious than others, that have come to an end because things just weren’t, well, right. It might have seemed more complex at the time, but the underlying reason was simple; they weren’t The One.

So how do you know if your current squeeze is?

For starters, when you’re with the right person, you shouldn’t have to change the foundation of who you are in order to make the relationship work. You should both seamlessly fit together. That’s not to say relationships are effortless, because they’re most definitely still hard work. But those frustrating moments are so worth it for the incredible way the right person will add meaning to your life. Here are 26 signs to help you determine whether or not your partner is your forever person…

1. They tolerate you on your worst days.

2. They make an effort with your family and friends.

3. They watch your TV shows and listen to your music, even when they secretly hate them, just because they know how happy it makes you.

4. They always want to hold your hand.

5. They ask you how your day was.

6. And actually listen to what you have to say.

7. They ask questions.

8. They’re happy to do anything, as long as it involves being with you.

9. They make you laugh uncontrollably.

10. They tell you how good you look, even when you feel the opposite.

11. When you’re struggling to pick an outfit, they give their honest opinion.

12. They think you look just as beautiful when you wear no makeup and stay in your pyjamas all day as when you’re dressed up.

13. They bring you your favorite food when you’re having a bad day.

14. They cook for you, even if they know it could fail miserably.

15. They aren’t afraid to argue when there’s clearly something wrong between you.

16. Because they know you are better off when you resolve your issues.

17. They don’t keep secrets or lie to you.

18. They always introduce you to people they know, even if you just briefly run into them on the street, because they’re proud of you, and want you to feel included in every aspect of their life.

19. They have their own goals and dreams; and you’re always the first person they want to celebrate with when they achieve one.

You’re both cheerleaders when it comes to supporting each others’ careers and passions.

21. They never try to hold you back from what you want.

22. They never miss showing up to things that are important to you, whether it’s a family barbecue or a work function.

23. They aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side around you.

24. They never let themselves get too comfortable, because they recognize there’s always room for improvement in your relationship, and they want to grow – for you and with you.

25. They say “I love you” every day, and you know they genuinely mean it.

26. No matter what hits either of you in life, you know you’ll face it together, because you’re a team.

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Comment: How did you know you were with your forever person?

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