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26 Tiny Floral Tattoos That Are Too Pretty For Words

26 Tiny Floral Tattoos That Are Too Pretty For Words

Sooo prettay.

Small tattoos are ideal for those desperately wanting to get inked, but scared of the commitment.

A tiny tattoo on your wrist or ankle is much easier to hide than a large, obvious one on your arm or leg, and also much cheaper to laser away, should you hate it a few years down the track.

Women especially, seem to go for smaller designs and less obvious spots on the body, like the helix. And when opting for something elegant and feminine, it’s hard to beat florals. There’s just nothing quite as pretty and delicate as a drawing of your fave flower, or a plant that reminds you of someone, or maybe even a nod to your wedding bouquet.

The possibilities are endless, and even if you’re not a tattoo person, it’s easy to fall in love with tiny flower tattoos. Just take a look at these 26 floral ink designs – we dare you not to want them…

1. This lovely lavender.

2. This fun Frangipani.

3. This floral writing.

4. This teal twig.

5. These fab fingers.

6. This sexy shoulder.

7. This chic cherry blossom.

8. This superb sunflower.

9. This sexy side.

10. This realistic design.

11. This vibrant flower.

12. This purple perfection.

13. This wonderful wrist.

14. This dainty daisy.

15. This blossoming rose.

16. This awesome ankle.

17. This elegant lotus.

18. These purple petals.

19. This minimalist marvel.

20. This lilac love.

21. This flower ring.

22. This black-and-white version.

23. This perfect poppy.

24. This black rose.

25. These swaying ones.

26. And this brilliant back.

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