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27 Struggles Only Hardcore Procrastinators Understand

27 Struggles Only Hardcore Procrastinators Understand

I’ll get it done…tomorrow.

Make no mistake, procrastination is hard work.

The sheer amount of energy required to constantly look as though you’re doing something useful while immersing yourself in completely useless tasks can really take it out on you.

The thing non-procrastinators don’t seem to get, is that we don’t choose to be this way, it’s how we’re born. And in this increasingly tolerant society, shouldn’t there be room for accepting the productively-challenged? If only people understood our daily struggles…

1. The thought of doing things hurts.

2. Getting out of bed for work is an excruciating process.

3. The simplest of tasks can take hours.

4. Because before you can even start something, it’s imperative you first surf the internet and look at hilarious cat pictures.

5. And then you usually need to get a drink. Or three.

6. And fix your makeup.

7. And clean that dust behind the couch that’s been bothering you.

8. And, now that you notice it, the vacuum cleaner is pretty dirty too.

9. Matter of fact, you just got a genius idea for a more eco-efficient cleaning system…

10. Oooh! This is fun too.

11. Now, back to business. What were you doing again?

12. Ooh! A text message!

13. You might as well quickly check Facebook now your phone’s out…

14. Okay, now time to focus.

15. You’re a little stressed though, ’cause you’re not quite as far along on this project as you should be.

16. Now you’re too wound up to concentrate. Better take a nap.

17. So it’s just hours till your project is due, but hey, you work better on a deadline anyway.

18. Okay, NOW you’re ready for business.

19. You just need to whip up some work snacks and put on some beats to help keep your burst of motivation up.

20. Nope. Lost it.

21. Will watch Netflix and wait for it to come back.

22. Better think of some ways to get the deadline extended…

23. Eeek! There’s EIGHT HOURS till it’s due. Cram and stress time.

24. Staying up all night to get it done time.

25. Well, that escalated quickly.

26. Better get as much done as possible for the next assignment so you’re ahead this time.

27. Oh wait. Netflix just released the new season of Real Housewives. Better watch that first.



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