27 Ways To Have The Cheapest Vacay Ever

January 26, 2016

You don’t have to be cashed up to have a great holiday.

While we all love a good getaway, holidays can be seriously bank account draining. And often the most expensive part occurs after you’ve forked out for the essentials like accommodation and flights.

So how can you enjoy your destination, without bleeding your credit card dry? Believe it or not, once you start looking, you’ll find next-to-nothing and free activities abound. In fact, you can have the trip of a lifetime spending as little as $50 a day (yep, you read that right), and you won’t need to feel like you’ve missed out on anything. Here’s how…

Sydney Sights Tours offer free walking tours throughout Sydney. Find free tours in other cities on freetour.com.

1. Take advantage of free tours offered at your destination. To check out what’s on offer, head to freetour.com.

2. Enjoy a pub meal. Pub food is typically very low cost and will give you a great taste of the local cuisine.

3. Find out what festivals are on in the city you’re in by heading to STA Travel. Most festivals include free events such as live performances and art exhibits.

4. Check out the local art gallery. Most art galleries are free entry.

5. Pack some snacks, load up your iPod with music and spend the day at the beach listening to beats, munching and sunning.

6. Hit the walking tracks at the local parks and surrounding bushland.

7. Take advantage of public transport tourist discounts by speaking to the station attendant about all-in-one passes.

8. Hit up the local op shops and snap yourself a bargain one-of-a-kind fashion find.

9. Spend the day perusing the local markets (check with your travel agent to find out what’s on in your area).

10. Go old-school, grab some postcards and spend a few hours at the park penning notes to your loved ones about your travels.

An Air BnB loft in London.
An Air BnB loft in London.

11. Skip exxy hotels and find comfy accommodation on airbnb.com where you can get a room staying with locals for as cheap as $50.

12. Save cash on taxis and use the Uber X service in your area, which costs roughly half a typical cab fare.

13. Pack sandwiches, snacks and a bottle of wine and enjoy a picnic at a local park.

14. Hire a bike and take a riding tour of the area.

15. Carry bottled water with you to save precious cash on hydration when you plan on having a day out and about.

16. Clear your cache before booking flights. Your phone or tablet may store the last quoted price, so you won’t be aware if the price has dropped.

17. Cook for yourself where possible by taking food to a park with BBQ facilities or grabbing some fresh local produce and cooking in your room.

18. Avoid eating breakfast at your hotel, it’s one of the most expensive food services. Instead, grab a bite at a local cafe or milk bar.

19. Download the Groupon app and check out deals in the area you’re staying in to make big savings.

20. If you’re backpacking, use these tips to make the most of your trip with minimal funds.

Bandos Island Resort; one of the hotels lastminute.com offers package deals for.
Bandos Island Resort; one of the hotels lastminute.com offers package deals for.

21. Book in bundles where possible. Companies like lastminute.com offer big savings when you book flights, accommodation and tours at the same time.

22. Save cash paying for excess luggage by using these packing tricks to get everything into just one suitcase (yes, it’s possible).

23. Use any cards you have that may entitle you to discounts on tourist activities such as hotel clubs, senior citizen and student cards.

24. Talk to the locals. Often they’ll be able to offer you insight into the cheapest spots to enjoy great food and entertainment, and if you’re at a bar, they may even shout you a drink!

25. Use these hacks to score yourself an upgrade on your internal flights.

26. And these hacks to score some serious freebies at your hotel.

27. Go mini. If you can’t afford to fork out for a full-day tour, try a mini tour. Most travel operators offer half-day tours for a reduced price that’ll still give you a good taste of the local culture.

Comment: What’s your money saving trick for making the most of your holiday?


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