29 Screenshots That Prove Tinder Is Hell On Earth

November 2, 2018

“Just so you know, I won’t date anyone over 125 pounds.”

Online dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble might have bought coupling up into the future but they’ve also exposed a cess pit of human awfulness.

Manners? Nope. Filter? Gone. Romance? Hahahahahahahahaha absolutely not! Here are 29 screenshots that prove that Tinder is Hell on Earth.

1. This guy who tried to mansplain weight loss

Tinder Screenshot online dating hell 1

2. This dude who was SO lovely after not getting a reply

3. This weirdo with a winning opening line

4. This situation that is definitely NOT lit

5. This romantic message that took a wrong turn

6. Well, that escalated quickly…

7. It’s possible this guy isn’t over his ex…

8. Ah, maybe proofread your messages?

9. Matching just to abuse someone… So classy

10. He’s not wrong, that is a crazy question

11. At least he’s honest?

12. Just the left?

13. This wanker who texts after midnight just to be a dick

14. If you have a secret Tinder account, maybe logout?

15. This is no joke

16. Maybe don’t lead with feet stuff

17. We’re guessing that line will never work, Geoffrey

18. Not really well, Kevin. Not really well.

19. The award for the worst save goes to…

20. This guy who’s too much… way too much

21. We’re gonna guess this guy is super high. We hope

22. I think you’re supposed to introduce yourself first…

23. This guy’s a poet and… wait, no he’s not.

24. Do you think he thinks she’s beautiful?

25. But… it’s a medical condition I swear

26. Oh we believe you, Kevin (what is it with Kevins?)

27. I mean… I guess he’s not wrong

28. Yeah, just why?

29. And lastly… to hell with this guy

Images via Instagram.com/Tindernightmares.

Comment: Hit us with your worst Tinder of Bumble experience.

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