29 Things You Can Do To Become Better At Self-Care

July 19, 2018

Because if you don’t take care of you first, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

In case no one’s ever let you know this; you are the most important person in your life.

Yep, you.

Not your SO, not your best friend, not your kids; you.

Because if you’re not emotionally, mentally and physically strong and healthy, you’re not going to be much use to those people anyway.

So despite what we’ve been taught as women about putting ourselves last and selflessly sacrificing our time, energy and mental health for our relationships, families and careers, we should actually be prioritizing our own self-care. Because that’s the only route to true health and happiness, in all areas of our lives.

Self-care is the foundation on which we can build brilliant, successful relationships and lives, and the good news is, it starts with small, simple actions that needn’t involve you rescheduling your entire day or feeling more overwhelmed than you already do.

So try these easy, everyday actions (even if you can only start with one or two) and practice this mantra each morning while you’re at it: “I am the most important person in my life”…

1. Take a long, interrupted hot bath with candles lit and your fave music playing.

2. Buy a really good vibrator and treat yourself to a masturbatory relaxation sesh.

3. Write a letter to yourself as a child, telling yourself all the loving things you wish your parents or loved ones told you.

4. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and arrange them on the windowsill in your bedroom.

5. Give yourself a DIY facial treatment.

6. Go get a massage.

7. Walk around in the grass barefoot, letting your toes sink into the ground between the cool, green blades.

8. Pack a picnic for one and go sit in the sun on your rug drinking wine, eating cheese and reading a good book.

9. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in ages and catch up on each other’s lives.

10. Watch your fave comedian do stand-up on Netflix.

11. If you feel sad, allow yourself to throw a pity party and cry with abandonly.

12. Draw, paint, collage or indulge in something creative.

13. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages.

14. Turn your phone, TV and computer off and go to bed early to get a good night’s sleep.

15. Practice a mindfulness activity.

16. Close your bedroom door, slip into your slinkiest nightie, get under the covers and get off to watching porn.

17. Make your fave meal and sit and eat it slowly, concentrating on how every mouthful tastes.

18. Make unicorn toast, and feel like a total queen chowing down on it.

19. Read a racy erotic story.

20. Put on your fave beats, your comfiest sweats, and dance around the house like you’re a teenager whose parents just went out for the night.

21. Visit a museum or art gallery and soak up the history and culture.

22. Start a gratitude journal.

23. Make a pledge to yourself to stop apologizing for everything.

24. Start saying no to events and obligations you don’t absolutely want to or have to be at, and ditch the guilt about it.

25. Watch your fave movie while eating your fave movie junk food.

26. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re brilliant and beautiful; even if you don’t believe it. Do it every day, and feel your entire self-image start to shift.

27. Cook yourself a really nutritious meal and start prioritizing your health.

28. Stop putting off your regular pap smear or doctor’s check-up, and book the appointment right now.

29. Think about how incredibly lucky you are to be alive.

Image via tumblr.com.

Comment: What’s the one thing you do every day to take care of yourself?


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