29 Thoughts I Had When Leo Won The Oscar

Daisy Cousens

There’s no shame in crying.

So, the Oscars are over for another year, and finally, Leonardo DiCaprio is holding that golden statue.

Like everyone else on the planet, I was absolutely spewing with excitement, not just because he’s awesome and deserved the win, but because the underdog has finally had his day.

Year after year, this great man has hoped and despaired, as we’ve all done. But eventually, he reaped the rewards of a stunning career founded on sheer hard work. Just goes to show, if you keep the faith, you’ll get there in the end! It’s a struggle I felt deeply tonight, and if you’ve rooted for Leo as long as I have, your inner monologue watching tonight’s historic Oscars win probably went a little like this…

1. Yeah! You got this! C’mon team Leo, this is your year, I can feel it.

2. Look at him winning the red carpet. Daaayum, does he look fine.

3. It’s all good, Leo. Hells to the yeah, you got this buddy!

4. Ain’t no way he won’t win, right?

5.  Surely, surely it’s his year..?

6. Oh, that’s some stiff competition…Brian Cranston and the impeccable Matt Damon, please don’t take this away from my boy Leo.

7. Damn, Eddie Redmayne looks better in red lipstick than I do!

8. Why do I have so many butterflies? I could swear this was my Oscar.

9. The Best Actor award is drawing closer, and I’m feeling a sudden swell of optimism.

10. Yeah, this is Leo we’re talking about! Of course he’ll beat out the competition!

11. He’s amazing, incredible, the absolute boss of acting! He’ll be fine…right?!

12. OMIGOD HE HAS TO WIN. Something is literally wrong with this planet if he doesn’t win.

13. Okay, his award is next… Ek! Why do I suddenly feel so panicked?!!

14. What if, dear GOD, what if maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t win.

15. I need a bucket, I may actually vomit if they draw out this suspense any longer.

16. Okay, they’re announcing the nominees…

17. If he doesn’t win it this year, life is not worth living.

18. Oh God oh God oh God they’re opening the envelope…


20. Holy freaking wow! He WON! Like actually WON!!!

21. Finally, the terrifically talented underdog, the sublimely skilled outcast, shunted four times already, has persevered to win! Fifth time lucky!

22. Why are my eyes burning? Am I…? Yes, I’m actually shedding a tear at a celebrity winning an award.

23. Should I feel bad..?

24. Oh hell. Let it rain, it’s Leo!

25. After all these years you finally got what you deserved, Leo.

26. Come to think of it, this isn’t just a win for the world’s most underrated (and sexy AF) actor. This is a win for underdogs everywhere!

27. I could do anything today! The world is my oyster! What to do???

28. To hell with it. I’m watching Titanic.

29. My heart will always go on for you, Leo.

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