3 Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard About

August 18, 2014

Want to stay ahead of the current trends? As women, we are constantly looking for new products which stray from the norm, and offer amazing coverage, flawless skin and new and innovative technology. If this sounds like you, keeping reading to find out about the newest beauty products you may not even know about.

Henna lipstick

The main ingredient in henna lipstick is Red 27, which has an amazing ability to react with your own body’s natural pH and temperature levels. The result? A unique shade on each person who wears it. The applicator stick is usually a bright green colour, and makes lips look sweet and natural.

3 Beauty Products You've Never Heard About

Henna Lips, $24

Thermal water

Popular in countries including France and England, many women use spring thermal water which is designed to suit your own individual skin tone. Gentle on even sensitive skin, it helps to reduce redness, breakouts and even the nastiest of inflammation.

3 Beauty Products You've Never Heard About

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water 50mL, $6.70


This solution is extremely concentrated, and has been used by makeup artists for years to create a dewy foundation look. Skip the primer, and instead apply on the t-zone, cheekbones and even eyelids to lock in moisture and create a natural makeup look.

3 Beauty Products You've Never Heard About

Boiron Homeoplasmine, $30.85

Would you try any of these products on your skin?

Images via Warpaint Mag, Man Repeller, Miss Budget Beauty UK, Beauty Bets

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