3 Cute Ponytail Styles For Long Hair

3 Cute Ponytail Styles

Long hair can often be difficult to maintain – especially in the warmer months where the humidity makes our locks do silly things! Not only are ponytails easy to achieve, but they will also keep hair out of your face and frizz-free all day long. Follow these 3 easy styles to keep your hair looking fresh and out of your face.

Voluminous ponytail

Bring a little 1960s sex kitten to your ponytail by creating a bouffant at the crown of your hair. This easy hairstyle is achieved by back-combing the hair with a teasing brush, before applying a bit of texturising clay for that extra hold. Then simply tie your hair securely at the end.

3 Cute Ponytail Styles For Long Hair

Beady ponytail

A fun ponytail which will often resemble a string of beads! This style is probably the easiest to achieve, since hair is tied up into a ponytail and then sectioned off along the length. A quick style to pull off if you’re going from beach to bar without a chance to style your hair.

3 Cute Ponytail Styles For Long Hair

Fish-braid ponytail

We certainly love a good fishtail here at SHE ‘SAID’ and a ponytail is no exception. Create your preferred braid and work this into the hair. If you want a loose style, simply pull at the edges before securing into the ponytail. Spray with a bit of product for that extra hold.

3 Cute Ponytail Styles For Long Hair

Which style would you wear?

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