3 Fun, Festive Hairstyles For The Party Season

December 7, 2011

The silly season is upon us, and what better way to get into party mood than with some fun, festive hairstyles! Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Mostyn from Dirty Girl shows us three sexy (yet simple!) styles that will get you noticed…

Style 1: Big hair

The best face shapes to work with are oval and heart shaped, thanks to accentuated cheekbones and jaw lines. As long as your hair comes past your jaw, this look is easily achieved.

1. Start with using a body enhancing shampoo and a light conditioner to support shape and add body to the hair shaft by expansion.

2. Spray a strong mousse or volume spray at the roots for support. Then using a round brush and dryer, take small sections and bring forward over the face to pull the roots against their natural fall so when the hair is flipped back, the roots remain coaxed forward.

3. After the blow out, apply hair spray to the roots. Tip your head forward and apply a matte, heavy hold wax to the ends.

4. Place a diffuser attachment to your dryer, scrunch your hair as you place the heat behind your hands, creating big hold.

5. Flip your head up, maneuver the hair to a strong side part and add a light mist of spray to the ends.

Style 2: Flat and rough

The best faces to wear the flat and rough style are oval or slightly square; you must have the right angles to pull off a middle part, which is an imperative element of this style.

1. Shampoo your hair with sleek, heavy shampoo to weigh your hair down a little but don’t wash the roots; for this look keep them slightly natural to maintain flatness.

2. Apply blow out cream to protect your hair then blast your locks down from the roots to flatten hair. Fashion a string middle part through to the crown and continue blasting hair in a downwards motion until 100% dry.

3. Use flat irons to straighten from roots to ends, take very small sections to ensure as much flatness as possible.

4. Take a vent brush and tease out/back comb from mid lengths to ends and next apply matte wax to that textured area and let it drop out to ensure a naturally rough finish.

5. To finish, spray roots to mid lengths with hair spray or polish to keep tresses flat with a hint of shine.

Style 3: Sleek and polished

The look is simple but of upmost importance is that the face shape is strong and heavily contoured, to ensure the style doesn’t flatten your overall look. Note: If you have short hair this style is ideal. For long hair, this style is super-sexy with wet, gelled hair falling over a bare back/strapless number. Alternatively, you can introduce a side knot in the back corner to jazz up the look.

1. Wash your hair with sleek shampoo to ensure flatness and heaviness, then towel dry gently, pressing the water out.

2. Apply lightweight gel from roots to ends, taking your hair in small sections to ensure consistency of product throughout.

3. Section hair with a very wide part back to the crown and using a small comb, run through your hair, smoothing from part line to ends.

Which is your favourite hairstyle?

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