3 Inspiring Ideas For Becoming A Better You

April 15, 2011

Everyday Wisdom

Sometimes we all need little hints on ways we can improve ourselves, and these 3 inspiring ideas from Everyday Wisdom – 365 Ways to a Better You, might be just the thing you need today.

List the things you love

remind yourself of your passions to ignite your inner vision, which in turn will enhance your inner wisdom. What give you that pit-of-the-stomach energy, enthusiasm and clear-sightedness? Dancing? Gardening? Watching your favourite football team? The songs of The Clash?

Write a lost of the thing you love doing and pin it somewhere where you will often see it. This will remind you to schedule these actives into your life more frequently.

Write your life story

We all have a work of fiction inside us. Start yours today by writing your autobiography. First map out the events over twelve chapters; they don’t have to bring you right up to the present and they don’t have to be chronological. Play with contrasting events or even work backward. Don’t start writing until you are happy with this structure, and when you do, bear in mind these wise words:

Works of imagination should be written in very plain language; the more purely imaginative they are the more necessary it is to be plain. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Act confident

People who act confident are often mistaken as sage, discerning souls. Pretending to be the way you want to be and acting as though it is already a reality helps to imprint any beneficial thought processed on the mind.

If you lack confidence, begin this process by striding around your home and talking into the mirror as a confident person would. Play out scenes that you might have to deal with later in the day. Later you can transfer these confident feelings to your everyday circumstances.

From Everyday Wisdom – 365 Ways to a Better You by Susannah Marriott, published by Hachette, $19.95.

What are you tips for becoming a better you?

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