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December 22, 2009

Entertainment reporter Julia teen went along to the premiere of “The Lovely Bones” and had a chat with Peter Jackson, Saoirse Roman and Susan Sarandon about the making of the film.

Julia: The character of Suzy Salmon is such an emotional role, how does it compare to other roles you have played previously?

Saoirse Roman: Well every role that I’ve played has been different so I can’t really compare them because this was such an emotional role. It was challenging but I loved working with Pete and everyone that was involved in the cast. They were all brilliant.

I think eventually, because I was playing Suzy for so long, and she is just such a special character to play, I just felt natural to go to that place every day, and it felt easy to get myself back out of it.

Julia: What was your vision with the filming of the afterlife/in between that Suzy experiences?

Peter Jackson: We are not trying to show what the afterlife looks like, we thought it was more interesting looking inside the imagination, the dream, the subconscious stage of Suzy; this girl who gets murdered. We based it on a psychological headspace, rather than a physical location. So you are seeing very much her dreams, and her almost like psychedelic imagination, what is happening to her.

Julia: Did you have a favorite scene in the film?

Peter Jackson: There are a couple of scenes that I like the audience’s reaction to. A couple of the suspenseful scenes, with Suzy and Mr Harvey and much later on, when Lindsay sneaks through Mr Harvey’s house. Scenes that are more based on suspense, and tension. I like hearing the audience getting wound up.

Julia: Did you read Alice Sebold’s novel before the movie?

Susan Sarandon: Yes I read the novel way before Peter asked me to do it so I wasn’t reading it thinking about anybody. I just read it because I heard it was an interesting book and then peter sent me a letter, a really lovely letter explaining why he thought I was right for it, what he wanted the part to accomplish and why he was excited. And it turned out beautifully.

Read Julia’s review of the film here.

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