3 New Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

June 8, 2012

Bored with the same old positions? We’ve done the dirty on three hot positions that will spice up your sex life this weekend: one for the lazy girl, one for the guy on the small side, and one that will just rock your world!

If he’s on the small side: The Hook

Lie on your back, and hook your legs up over his shoulders. Cross your ankles behind his neck for an even better squeeze.

This is a great position for maximum penetration, ideal if your man is on the small side.

Time to rock your world: The CAT

CAT stands for the Coital Alignment Technique, a position that’s been designed with women in mind. It takes a little getting used to, but it sure is fun trying!

Instead of thrusting, you ‘rock’ together. Your man gets on top of you, lining his pelvis over yours. He rests his full weight on you instead of propping himself up. Wrap your legs around his thighs and put your ankles on his calves. Use your pelvis to move. Your clitoris is pressed tight against the base of his penis, and now rock at a steady, even pace.

I’m exhausted: X Marks the Spot

Your man lies on his side with his legs together and his head resting on one arm. You lie on your back at a right angle to his body, bending your knees comfortably over his pelvis as he enters you. Adjust the fit by putting your feet up against the wall. Arch your back and wiggle your butt for extra pleasure.

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