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3 Of Our Favourite Spring Hair And Makeup Trends

3 Of Our Favourite Spring Hair And Makeup Trends

Whether you need some inspiration for the Races, or just looking for some new hair and makeup ideas, we’ve checked in with the hair and make-up educators at The Australasian College for the top 3 spring beauty trends.

This spring season is defined by minimalism and natural beauty, as well as hairstyles that are effortless and elegant. Head of Hairdressing, Julie Halkidis, and Head of Make-up Amy Morgan are looking to classic American glamour with nude hues, polished ponytails, graceful braids, and bouncy blowouts.

1. Balayage is all the rage

“Balayage varies from a gentle ‘sun-kissed’ look or a more dramatic dip dye look. As it is a free-hand colour application, there are infinite results and it all depends on what you ask for and the skill of your stylist,” says Julie.

Leighton Meister pulls off her beach chic balayage without overdoing it. It’s subtle and stylish and creates the perfect point of difference.

2. Glow with the flow

Create the ultimate natural chic look with soft tones that lets your skin shine through, just like Drew Barrymore.

“The goal is to enhance your skin by adding dimension with fresh, subtle colour. The first step in achieving this look is to assess whether your skin is fair, medium or dark. Fair skin is best suited to peachy hues, medium skin tones to pink pigments and caramel shades for darker skin.

A radiant finish is key, so avoid make-up that will wash you out by selecting shades for eyes, cheeks and lips with gold or pearlescent undertones to add dimension to softer colours. This will help create a natural glow.” says Amy.

3. Braids (beyond Heidi)

Hair this season is all about deconstructed waves and undone knots. Creating celebrity-style braids can require patience, but the technique can be mastered with practice. Braids can be romantic, feminine and bohemian; great for a day at the Races.

“To prevent a milkmaid-inspired braid from looking too literal, go for lots of texture and leave out a few face-framing pieces like Sienna Miller,” says Julie.

What’s your favourite spring beauty trend?

Need some more ideas for creating perfect spring hair or make-up for less? Join in the conversation at: or visit The Australasian College.

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