3 Overnight Hair Hacks To Wake Up With Perfect Waves

May 16, 2019

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Whenever I hear the words ‘hair hacks’, I dream of a utopian world in which I never have to spend more than five minutes on my hair for it to look amazeballs.

In reality, creating effortless waves is anything but effortless. Although knowing the right technique to curl your hair with a straightener can make your mornings a little easier, it still takes quite a lot of patience and skill to turn lifeless, dull hair into bouncy strands that look like you’ve just stepped off the Victoria’s Secret runway.

But what if your hair could do all the hard work while you sleep? Instead of styling your hair in the morning, spending a few minutes on it before going to bed could grant you some serious snooze time in the a.m.

All you have to do is follow one of these three hair hacks before you hit the hay to wake up with wavy hair that’ll give everyone around you major mane envy. Plus, as these methods require no heat, your hair will thank you in the long run, as it’s a much more gentle way to achieve curls than using a hot iron.

For the best, most long-lasting results with these overnight hair hacks, it’s recommended to start with slightly damp hair. If it doesn’t happen to be your hair wash day, you can spritz a bit of water on your mane before beginning.

Welcome to your new bed time ritual…

1. Headband curls

For this genius hair hack, all you need is a headband. Separate your hair into small strands and wrap them around the headband one by one. Remove the band in the morning to reveal soft waves.

2. Twisted bun curls

This option may require some practice, but once you get the knack of how to twist your hair into two side buns, it’ll take you less than three minutes. Simply separate you locks into two ponytails and fasten each with an elastic. Then tightly twist each ponytail until it curls up on itself into a bun. Fasten with another elastic, hit the sack for some shut-eye and wave up with serious curls.

3. Finger wrap curls

This method will give you gorgeous, bouncy curls and couldn’t be easier. Just put your hair in a high ponytail, and then wrap thin strands around two fingers before securing everything with bobby pins. Catch some Zs, then unfasten the bobby pins in the morning to reveal wavy perfection.

Images via youtube.com and tumblr.com.

Comment: Have you tried overnight curls? What’s you fave hair hack for cinching them?

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