3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Fear Holds You Back

March 17, 2016

What would it be like to live your life authentically?

One of my life mentors, Russell, once posed three questions to me; he mentioned he’d read them in a book. I often ask myself these questions in those moments when I’m standing behind the curtain, preparing to step out on a stage, just before a media interview, or especially as I walk into a meeting to deliver a big pitch.

Just as I have asked myself hundreds of times now, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions: How would you live your life if you had no fear?, What would you say?, And what would you do?

Now pause, close your eyes, imagine.

After a moment or two, you and I get a glimpse of what our lives could be like without fear. What that speech could look like; what that presentation could achieve; what that new job or new career could bring. What that dream we finally decide to chase could result in, and what life-changing decisions we would make. At that moment of asking those three questions, you have just a split second to make a choice that only you can make – to take that step forward or to let fear keep you exactly where you’re at.

For me, writing a book meant that I had to overcome substantial fears and insecurities.

Why? Simply because it has the potential to fail. Traditionally, you’re not meant to write a book when you’re at our early stage of the journey. I feel that perhaps I should have waited until my company, Thankyou, was an even bigger success story – a legitimate household name, or maybe when we had more products or had conquered international markets. You’re meant to wait until you and your team have well and truly made it before you write a book, aren’t you?

I made a different decision, to write a book like no other book has ever been written before, and the team backed the idea. We thought we’d invite people to write the future with us and walk this journey alongside us, simply by buying this book and investing into Thankyou’s future. Ultimately, we hope that it’s not just our story that will prosper – but also the story of thousands of people who read these chapters, learn from our lessons and go on to see their own dreams become a reality.

But hang on a second. What if we fail?

What if this book only sells a couple of hundred copies? What if I’m a terrible writer and people don’t like it? What if there are no more chapters because our company gets overtaken by competitors or the failing economy? What if the haters come out in droves and don’t just attack the book, but me personally? What if we don’t ever go on to actually see our dreams become a reality? What if the years behind us have been the best we’ll ever have?

Well, then even that would make an interesting second chapter of our story, wouldn’t it – remembering that although failure can be painful, it is also a master mentor.

The truly remarkable thing I have learned is that if you’re willing to let go of your fears, the most incredible opportunities have a way of presenting themselves. I believe that the fear of failure has killed more dreams than failure itself. Don’t take your dreams and ideas to the grave because of fear that you may fail. What if our world needs your dream?

Let me ask you these few questions one more time. How would you live your life if you had no fear? What would you say? And what would you do?

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This blog post is an excerpt from Chapter One, a pay-what-you-want book with 100 per cent of the profits helping to fund the future of our fave charity this month, Thankyou. Please support this worthy cause and buy your copy here.

Comment: What’s the number one fear that holds you back in your own life?


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