3 Reasons To Slow Down While Travelling

January 20, 2015
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We go through life in constantly running around, always trying to do more and be everywhere. We stick to this habit even when we take a holiday. We rush to visit 10 countries in 12 days, visit city after city and come home with a camera full of picture that we don’t even remember taking. But more is not always better. Often the best travel memories are created when we give ourselves the opportunity to follow our curiosity, connect with the local culture and savour the experience one moment at a time. Here are some reasons why you may consider slowing down next time you’re travelling.

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1. Avoiding travel burnout

Ever felt that you’d rather stay in bed than look at yet another 15th-century church? Or that you need a holiday to recover from your holiday? When you travel at high speed, jamming as much as possible into your schedule, you’re not resting. At some point you may even stop enjoying your holiday or you may feel the cost of burnout fully when you return to work.

2. Deeper travel experience

Travel is not just about seeing as much as possible, it’s also about learning about other cultures and experiencing the special atmosphere each place has to offer. You can’t connect with the locals, become a regular at your favourite café and appreciate the beauty of a tiny cobbled lane away from the main attractions if you don’t give yourself the time to do it.

3. Richer memories

When you take the time to pay attention to your experience, you feel more of it in the moment and you also bring more travel memories back with you. Every time you think about your holiday, there are scents, sounds, tastes and images that come to you and you get to relive your experience again and again.

How do you slow down when you’re travelling? You may want to choose to stay in one location for a week or a month. You may take your time getting there and see the sights along the way instead of getting there as fast as you can. Or you may simply choose to take as long as it feels right for you at each attraction and accept that you may not see everything, but what you do see will feel complete.

Image by kewl via pixabay.com

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