3 Simple Ways To Overcome Burnout

March 6, 2015
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You’ve noticed that joy is slowly disappearing out of your life and fatigue is settling in instead. Yet, you have so much to do that it seems impossible to slow down. If you’re wondering how you can overcome burnout and still keep your boss and your family happy, here are some simple tips that will help.

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1. Take a break

The quickest way to overcome burnout is to step away from what is draining you. Not only will you get some rest, but you’ll also gain clarity. Is what you’re doing still important to you? What do you still love about it? What do you need to change? It’s much easier to find the answers to these questions when you’re removed from the situation that caused the burnout in the first place. And if you’re now thinking: “I can’t possibly take a break,” ask yourself if this is really true. With some determination, most of us can arrange at least one weekend to ourselves.

2. Get more sleep

Burnout makes you think that you have to do one task after another and you have no time to rest. Again, this is not true – it’s just a trick your mind is playing on you. Getting enough sleep is essential for your health, joy of life and yes, productivity. You will get more done faster if you’re feeling well-rested.

3. Start a passion project

Some activities drain us, while others give us more energy. Burnout is usually a sign that you’re not getting enough rest and that you have more draining than energising activities in your life. To speed up your recovery from burnout, fill your life with more of what you enjoy. An easy way to do that is to choose a passion project and spend at least 15-30 minutes a day on it. Not sure what you love anymore? Your passion project could be to find out. Schedule your 15-30 minutes every day and ask yourself: “What would I like to do?” Then go ahead and do what comes to mind, even if it is just watching TV or taking a nap.

Once you overcome burnout, start planning ahead. What changes are you going to make to your lifestyle to make sure you don’t fall prey to burnout again?

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