3 Spring/Summer Trends For Blonde Hair

August 25, 2011

Hardly any other hair colour has so many connotations and has been capable of fascinating people since time immemorial as blonde hair. The new spring/summer hair trend from
LA BIOSTHETIQUE pays homage to the magnificence of blonde. Inspired by the many possible variations offered by blonde, the beauty company’s Artistic Team designed three outstanding looks: A short gamine
yet feminine cut, a bob with a fringe and very soft fall through to a graphic look that
harks back to the 1970s.

Gamine Cut

This ultra cropped yet feminine cut features sleek sides and a softly textured top that gives height to this trend. The cut itself has great variation and is designed to draw attention to the face. A strong look for summer, the blonde varies from a natural ash on the sides to warm, milky beige on top.

Stylish Bob

Now this is the summer must have! A longer, ‘grown out’ style bob, it juxtaposes full sides and back with a light, feathery fringe. Colour-wise, it’s very sun kissed with cool neutral blonde on the ends and more natural beige blonde on the crown and mid-lengths. Add dimension – if you dare – with a darker underside.

1970′-s Inspired Cut

This style showcases sophisticated chic inspired by the 70’s. This is a very classic,
elegant cut designed to frame the structure of the face. Using dark beige with light
gold/honey pieces and warm creamy tones. The creation of the light effect is
underscored by putting a shimmer through the mid-lengths with depth on the crown and tips. This 3D graphic effect alludes to full, curvaceous volume.

What’s your favourite style?

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