3 Steps To Instant Confidence

July 13, 2012

Butterflies in your tummy at the idea of meeting new people? Next week’s job interview making you sick? Wish you were more confident? You don’t need a magic pill, you need these 3 steps to get you feeling confident fast.

1. Focus on a happy memory

In a situation that stresses you out? Create a bank of happy memories that you can draw on when you need it most – it’s an instant confidence booster. A beautiful holiday, the way your partner tickles you, your kid’s smile.

So instead of freaking out, let your mind savour that memory, and any other time you find yourself hiding in the corner, just remember that happy moment and you’ll be fine.

2. What’s your scent?

Orange and grapefruit essential oils are renowned for giving confidence with just one sniff. Dab a drop on each wrist and breathe in whenever you need to feel braver. Maybe something more relaxing, like lavender, is more your style. Find an essential oil that sends you to a place of calm and confidence.

3. The 4-step introduction

You’re at a work function, or maybe a party, where you don’t know anyone. Guess what? Most people dread this situation more than a visit to the dentist!

This 4-step introduction is an instant ice-breaker, and as soon as you try it once, you’ll get better and better at it. Go up to someone you don’t know, smile, shake hands keeping eye contact, introduce yourself, and ask one good question. That question could be, “how do you know the host?” if you’re at a party, or “isn’t it a beautiful day?” if you’re walking into a job interview. That one question will lead to others, and before you know it, you’re over that initial hump, and the confidence will only improve.

Remember, you’re not the only one who wishes they were more confident. Take a deep breath, and smile. Now go get ’em!

What’s your tip for feeling more confident?

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Win a holiday to Bali