34 worst jobs women could have!

August 31, 2009

We asked you what your worst job ever was and got the most hilarious responses. You all deserve a pat on the back for getting through these!

“Potato picking. It is back-breaking and the sun is beating down on you and you get paid $8 an hour.”

“Calling debtors to get them to pay outstanding bills – they either promise you and don’t follow through or are rude to you.”

“Cleaning schools especially the boys’ toilets. All I can say is they are very unhygienic!”

“Washing these massive dirty pots in a kitchen where the staff would walk by every day and flick dirty water up at my face.”

“I don’t mind my job at the supermarket but the worst part is stock-take in the freezer section! My hands are absolutely frozen!

“Sorting mail at my local post office. Being left-handed meant the letters were back-to-front and sorting right-handed slowed me down incredibly!”

“Swimming teaching – I smelt like chlorine for the whole week and my hair turned yellow!”

”Working at a police station in the office because I had to look at photos of horrible scenes such as car accidents. I’ve never sped after working there.”

“Working at McDonalds after school when I was 14. I’ve never felt greasier than I did then.”

“Stocktaking at a camping store and going through thousands of hat pins individually.”

“Sticking marinated meat on skewers for hours at a take-away shop because I could never get rid of the smell!”

“I’m a hairdresser and when I first started we used to have to cut men’s nose hairs!”

“Taking the stickers off oranges – I almost went cross-eyed!”

“It’s not really a bad job but as a nurse you can imagine some not very pleasant moments – usually involving POO!”

“Parking fines inspector – the abuse and hostility I faced was worse than being a murderer or Terrorist!”

“I once dressed as Alice in Wonderland and gave out discount vouchers in front of a pancake parlour. The heckling drove me mad!”

“It’s a toss-up between picking tomatoes and making clothes pegs but I’ll go for pegs because they had to be individually handmade.”

“Working in a garlic bread factory because I smelt like garlic all day and could never get rid of it!”

“A dormitory assistant because I was made to sort out the different panties and bras of the girls in the boarding house.”

“Selling hotdogs at a marine park over 20 years ago because people always complain you don’t give them enough sauce and they squirt you with it.”

“I used to work as a cleaner at an abattoir. I cleaned up poo, blood, guts, cow’s heads and dead calves. Imagine my scent at the end of a night!”

“Hairdresser. Clients would come in without washing their hair for a week and some with lice or dandruff. I hated touching greasy, dirty, flaky scalps.”

“The worst job I’ve had was in a call-centre working for a boss who told me the second time I met with him that he would have liked to be a school principal so he could smack little kids – what a nut!”

“Putting supermarket stickers on shopping trolley handles …. 10,000 of them … blah!”

“Polishing cucumbers whilst backpacking through Europe – there’s only SO many innuendo jokes a girl can put up with!”

“Just out of high school I decided to be a catalogue distributor because I figured I could get fit walking to distribute them and get paid at the same time. But I underestimated people’s hatred towards junk mail. I was yelled at and sworn at and one lady threatened to call the police if I put it in her mail box!”

“In Chinatown Fortitude Valley Brisbane I had to pull the lungs and wind pipes out of ducks … yuck!”

“I worked at a party hire company. The plates and glasses were often returned covered in vomit. I had to clean them. Yuck!”

“Standing at an ice box in winter filling ice bags for hours. I’ve never looked at ice the same way.”

“I worked as a baker in front of 300 degree ovens in summer. We couldn’t have an air conditioner on as it would dry out the bread so we basically worked in a sauna for nine hours a day.”

“In my hairdressing apprenticeship I had to wipe the sweat from between my boss’ toes when she had a broken leg!”

“I was a pineapple trimmer – not good when you have a pineapple allergy and your skin erupts in big red welts.”

“I was a return assistant at a department store and a lady tried to return a pair of underpants she had clearly worn a few times and not even washed!”

But by far the worst job according to all of you though is …

“Parenting. The pay sucks, the hours are horrendous, you’re covered in sick and poo all the time and there are no sick days or holidays.” Good thing you love your kids!

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