4 Free Pregnancy Apps For iPhone

October 4, 2014
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When I was pregnant for the first time, I subscribed by email to receive updates on my pregnancy from a few different sites. I craved the reassurance that the symptoms I was experiencing were normal. I loved looking at the descriptions of my baby week by week, browsing pictures, imagining how big he must be and what he looked like.

Now receiving updates is even easier – all you need to do is download an app for your phone and you’ll have a wealth of info at your fingertips. Here are four great apps for iPhone to help you stay informed and connected during your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy +

It’s super simple to set up – just put in your due date and you’re good to go. There is a size guide, baby images, a description of your stage of pregnancy, useful tips. You can add your appointments and keep track of your weight. You can even select baby names you like from a list organised by gender and by country of origin.

My Pregnancy Today

This is an app by BabyCenter that allows you to track your pregnancy day by day. You need to sign up as a BabyCenter member to use this app. In addition to pregnancy tracking and images, this app offers animated videos of what is going on in your womb, as well as real birth videos. In fact, it was a BabyCenter video (animated, not a live birth one) that I used to explain childbirth to my children when I was pregnant with my third baby.

What To Expect

No doubt you’ve read or at least heard of the popular pregnancy book ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’. This is the book’s official app and it offers a lot of the information for free. Like the previous apps it has a pregnancy tracker, description of each stage of your pregnancy, images and videos of your baby’s development. You need to provide your email address before you can start using this app.

Bub Hub

While the previous 3 apps are great for keeping track of your pregnancy calendar, this one is for you if you want to get more social. It gives you mobile access to the Australia-based Bub Hub online forum where you can you can share your joys and frustrations, and connect with other likeminded mums-to-be.

Image by JESHOOTS via pixabay.com

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