4 Hacks To Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

December 2, 2015

Never worry about your phone dying again.

There are few things more rage inducing in this life than having your iPhone battery die on you mid D&M convo. Worse still is the fact it typically happens at the most inopportune time, like right as your friend is dropping a major bombshell on you. Seriously, if Darth Vader was using an iPhone to communicate, Luke Sywalker never would have known he was his father.

But as it turns out, there are some key ways you could be unintentionally sabotaging your phone’s battery life, and with a few simple battery saving hacks, you can reclaim using your phone for more than ten minutes without having it crap out on you…

1. Turn off your app notifications


Seriously, how many app notifications include information that is even vaguely useful to you? Save yourself some serious battery juice and turn yours off by going to the Notification Center tab in your Settings menu and selecting ‘None’ under the alert style option, ensuring you also turn the ‘Badge icon’ and ‘Sounds’ options off.

2. Ditch Facebook


Again, how often do you really need to know that your second cousin’s baby just posed for its umpteenth photo or your old work colleague is gloating about her new relationship again? Facebook has actually admitted its app is one of the most battery draining apps you can have on your phone, so unless there’s a reason you need immediate access to checking what your brother’s ex-girlfriend’s sister is eating for lunch today, ditch your app and just log on via Safari when you need to.

3. Do an app audit


If you have iOS 8, you can actually find out exactly what apps are draining the most life from your battery. Simply open your Settings then select ‘General’ where you’ll be able to hit the Usage tab, which will take you to the Battery usage tab. Once in there you’ll see a full list of all your apps as well as the exact amount of energy they are consuming which will allow you to make any necessary cuts and enjoy some extra battery life.

4. Turn off background refreshing


Your background refresh tool is designed to make using your phone even easier, by looking at the apps you use most often and then automatically updating them for you so the next time you open them, the latest information is waiting for you. What it also does, is drains your battery life dramatically. So to turn it off, go into your Settings, select ‘General’ and then hit the Background refresh tab where you’ll be given the option to disable the feature entirely or just for specific apps that you want to use it with.


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