4 Low-Calorie Cocktails

August 6, 2014

There is a simple way to watch your weight and still enjoy a sneaky cocktail here and there. Choose drinks which don’t require additional syrup, sugar or salt which could only extend your waistline and lead to unintentional bloating. Next time you’re hosting a get together, keep these four low-calorie cocktails in mind.

Below are just a few simple ways to enjoy a classic cocktail without the extra sugar (and guilt!). What are some of your favourite low-calorie drinks?

Skinny Ginger Mule (98 calories)

Packed with freshly shredded ginger, basil and lime juice, this cocktail is sweet without being too overpowering. Don’t forget to garnish with fresh lime before serving.

4 Low Calorie Cocktails

Chocolate Peppermint Espresso Martini (130 calories)

A healthy (but still delicious) twist to a classic espresso martini, which uses light vanilla almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder for a healthier alternative.

4 Low Calorie Cocktails

Coconut Martini (144 calories)

A delicious serving of white rum, sugar-free coconut syrup, and pineapple juice together with skim milk makes this a guilt-free option. Don’t forgot to top off with a red-cherry!

4 Low Calorie Cocktails

Classic Margarita (150 calories)

Hold back on the salt, instead embrace a splash of orange, grapefruit and lime juice to make a sweet-tasting beverage. Top off with lots of ice to keep it cool and dilute some of the Reposado (gold) tequila.

4 Low Calorie Cocktails

Images via Eat Drink and Be Skinny, Halcyon Southtown

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