4 Podcasts That Will Totally Transform Your Love (And Sex) Life

August 2, 2018

All you need is a set of earphones and half an hour.

There has never been a better time to jump on the podcast bandwagon.

With so many series being produced by women, for women, there’s more empowering, relatable, hilarious content to fall in love with than ever before. In fact, regardless of your relationship status, there’s a podcast for it.

Struggling to navigate modern dating? There’s definitely a podcast on that. Need some tips to spice up a long-term relationship? Yep, there’s one for that. Feeling down about a breakup? Podcasts have that covered too.

So, where to begin? We’ve hand-picked our top podcasts on sex, love and dating to add to your playlist right now. These shows aren’t just entertaining and relatable as hell, they’re nothing short of life-changing. It’s safe to say, this will be the best investment of 30 to 60 minutes you’ve ever made…

1. Romantically Challenged 

Renowned Australian TV and media personality and best-selling dating book author, Sami Lukis, opens up about her struggles with modern dating and the mistakes she’s made in her quest to find love (which, she readily admits, she’s still in pursuit of at age 48). In particular, she discusses how dating doesn’t get any easier as you get older, instead, she feels more ‘romantically challenged’ in her 40s, than she ever has before.

This podcast only just launched, so you can easily catch up on the first six episodes, and then eagerly wait for more (like us right now). And an added bonus? SHESAID’s global editor Nadia Bokody features in episode six, in a candid conversation about having sex with someone new after being in a long-term relationship, the orgasm gap, and changing sexual trends. It’s a must-listen!

Listen here.

2. Where should we begin?

Hosted by cult relationship therapist and sex guru Esther Perel, Where should we begin? transports you to the therapy lounge, where anonymous couples bare raw, intimate, and moving details of their relationships. Nothing is off the cards, with discussions of infidelity, sex-starved marriage, and chronic illness in a partner all explored. Each couple is unique, but you will likely pinpoint moments parallel to your own dating life.

There are two seasons to listen to so far, with each episode introducing a new couple, and tackling new, progressively juicier, issues.

Listen here.

3. Sex With Emily

Doctor of human sexuality, and sex and relationship expert, Emily Morse, delivers sex, dating, and relationship advice that will change your bedroom life. Morse is a big proponent of destroying taboos around sex, and so her podcast graphically and unashamedly covers everything from the latest in sex tech to sexual fantasies, bondage, masturbation and porn.

It’s been around since 2015, so there’s currently around 300 episodes for you to catch up on, though there’s no need to start at the beginning, with each show covering a saucy new topic.

Listen here.

4. Swipe Out

Ah, modern dating. Where people can simply approve of or dismiss you with the swipe of a finger. And while the ‘Tinder era’ certainly has made dating and sex are more accessible than ever, awful dates and cringe-worthy swipe experiences are more common than you might think. The host of Swipe Out, Alix McAlpine, shares her own ghastly dating experiences, while also talking to coupled-up lovers about how their own first dates went.

Prepare to settle in for the 34 dates she goes on, and discusses twice a month. And if you’re like us, you’ll be quickly hooked, and power through the 25 episodes released so far in no time.

Listen here.

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