4 Sexy Beauty Tricks

December 6, 2010

4 Sexy Beauty Tricks

Bat Your (Naturally) False Eyelashes

They say the eyes have it, so why not flaunt what you’ve got? Super black eyelashes equal instant bedroom eyes.

Try:MAC’s new Marcel Wanders False Eyelashes Mascara not only comes in a gorgeous bottle (designed by Dutch industrial designer Marcel Wanders) but delivers the sexiest thick lashes that keep their curve all day – no eyelash curler required.

RRP $42.00

Lips Waiting To Be Kissed

Save those sparkly lipglosses for Saturday night – sticky lips aren’t made for smooching. Instead go for a lip product that leaves lips dewy and just-bitten.

Try: Australia Lip Butters, which melt into the lips, leaving a your-lips-but-better natural gloss.

RRP $8.95

Flaunt Your Assets

Want to know a favourite trick of the Victoria’s Secret makeup artists? A light sweeping of a highlighter powder between the boobs and across the collarbone makes your ‘girls’ look perkier. Even if you’re not going for the illusion of bigger boobs, this trick enhances your decolletage, especially if the area is sun damaged.

Try: Youngblood Lunar Dust, a super finely milled mineral powder in luminous shades like Twilight (a moon-like shimmer) or Dusk (the perfect bronze highlighter that’s great for adding depth to a smaller chest.
RRP: $53.00

Sexy Hair

Whether your hair is long or short, there’s nothing sexier than just-got-out-of-the-ocean hair, that’s naturally kinky and slightly dishevelled.

Try: Try Wella High Hair Ocean Sprizz which replicates that fresh sea salt spray without damaging your hair.

RRP $23.00

What’s your favourite beauty trick for instant sex appeal?

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