4 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Always Running Late

November 18, 2015

Er…alarm didn’t go off?

It’s not something I typically like to admit, particularly in a professional environment, but I have a knack for running late to just about everything. I’ve missed cake cutting at birthdays, doctors appointments, and even managed to be tardy to my own wedding. My late habit is so bad close friends and family now deliberately manipulate event kick-off times to ensure my presence. If my invite says the party begins at midday, it’s typically a sure bet everyone else’s reads 2pm.

I’ve always told myself it was a result of not having enough time to get ready, last-minute makeup mishaps and traffic issues. But the truth is, I thrive off rushing. Some of my best work has been completed in a late frenzy, and I like to tell myself I’m worth the wait at parties (though that doesn’t typically tend to hold up on the job front).

Whatever the phychology behind it, some of us will always be perpetual late runners, here’s just a few reasons why and a few bad habits we can probably all do with putting a stop to ASAP…

1. Hitting snooze

Shortly before the alarm goes off our body temp rises and our sleep becomes lighter, creating the perfect environment for waking up. But hit snooze and drift back off and you’re essentially restarting the whole sleep cycle again, making it not only harden to re-awaken, but much more likely you’ll feel tired when you eventually crawl out from under the covers. So put your alarm in a place where you have to physically get out of bed to turn  it off and break the habit.

2. You move slowly because you didn’t sleep

Insomnia can wreak havoc with your day and make getting going in the morning a nightmare, but there are some simple measures you can take to avoid another sleepless night and groggy morning. Natural sleep aids like valerian and kava root can help you drift off, and if those don’t do the trick your chemist can recommend an over the counter antihistamine designed to encourage drowsiness. To aid the process, turn off all devices by 10pm and avoid any caffeine after 2pm each day.

3. You spend too much time on breakfast

If you’ve been known to lose countless precious minutes compiling the perfect superfood breakfast bowl, it may be time to consider some advance food prep. Simple measures like making easy to store and transport (should you be short on time and need to eat on the go) meals like chia puddings and smoothies served in sealable mason jars are a no brainer that’ll give you a significant chunk of time back in the morning.

4. Your makeup routine is epic

If you have a complex and lengthy makeup routine that’s making you run late, you may want to try looking at streamlining the process. Try multi-purpose products that achieve three or more tasks in one go, as well as implementing a few quick and easy makeup hacks for speeding things along, and look at what can be cut. Sure, you may need mascara and a coat of lippie, but do you really need to contour and put on falsies for a day at the office? Save the elaborate stuff for your girls night out and you’ll also save serious time come morning.

Comment: Are you a chronic late person, or do you have your morning routine down to an art?


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