4 Unbelievably Cheap Ways To Make Old Shoes New Again

June 22, 2016

Get the hot-glue gun out.

A woman can never have too many shoes; the shoe chaos under my bed is proof I’m a true believer of this. Bold boots, strappy sandals, patent pumps, sporty sneakers – I need them all.

There is something so satisfying about strutting my stuff in new heels that are shiny and scratch-free – even though it’s always good to break new shoes in at home before wearing them out. But these are the faves that often get worn more than others and often end up looking old and dirty after a few months.

Tired of having to say goodbye to beautiful footwear, I was determined to make them look new again. After loads of research (thanks, Pinterest), I came across these easy DIY jobs and now I’ll never look back.

All you need is a hot-glue gun and some creativity to breathe new life into your old kicks.

1. Shoe clips


To spruce up old ballet flats, easily create pretty shoe accessories by gluing metal clips onto whatever embroidery that catches your eye and clipping it to the front of your shoe.

2. Glitter heels

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This ingenious hack doesn’t just look pretty, it also fixes heels that need a little TLC. Simply mix loose glitter with glue and brush the paste onto your heel. Let it dry and repeat with another coat if required.

3. Bow beauty

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-21 um 12.49.39

If the straps on your pumps are looking a little frayed, cover them by tying a satin band over the top or gluing it to them.

4. DIY flatforms

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-21 um 13.00.45

Your old sneakers will be so on-trend right now if you just turn them into flatforms. Glue two or three flip-flop soles to the sole of your sneaker. Once it’s dry, add glue to the side of the platform and wrap pleated raffia around it.

Images via pinterest.com.

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