4 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Drinking Vodka

April 4, 2017

Anyone for Cosmos?

If you’re a fan of a good cocktail, chances are you appreciate the fine beverage that is vodka.

But while you’re probably aware of the fact the white spirit provides the perfect base for tasty shots and is a great way to blow off steam come TGIF, you may not know it also has some actual health benefits.

So next time your friends tell you to take it easy on the Cosmos, school them on these eye-opening facts about vodka (and, because we’d never *cough, cough* encourage drinking in excess, use this information in moderation)…

1. Stress reduction

While it’s true all boozy beverages tend to make us feel relaxed, studies have found that vodka may have the strongest chill factor – coming out ahead of drinks like red wine, thanks to its sleep-inducing properties.

2. Anaesthetic effect

Vodka is actually an effective pain reliever thanks to it’s subtle numbing effect when applied directly to the skin. Simply keep some in a zip-lock bag in the freezer and hold on cuts and scrapes when required to take the edge off. Or, you know, swilling it will probably do the same thing.

3. Heart health

Because vodka has a dilating effect on the arteries, it stimulates blood flow, which is essential for maintaining heart health. It’s also been found to aid in promoting the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body.

4. Antiseptic properties

The popular white spirit has antiseptic qualities which can help to prevent infections from developing, and it’s a surprisingly useful tool in treating coldsores. Just apply it to the area to disinfect the exposed dermis in an open blister.

Images via giphy.com and wheretoget.com.

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