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4 Unforgivable Mistakes You’re Making When Curling Your Hair

4 Unforgivable Mistakes You’re Making When Curling Your Hair

This could change your hair game forever.

Looking at my Instagram feed is like looking at tons of clones of beautiful young women with perfectly winged eyeliner and long, wavy hair that looks polished but effortless at the same time.

I know these girls didn’t ‘wake up like this’, despite their misleading hashtags, but I also wonder how they manage to make their hair look so damn pretty every day. The only explanation I have is they must have perfected their hair curling morning routine, so naturally, I had to be let in on their secret to getting perfect curls, every time.

Celebrity hair stylist and Cloud Nine brand ambassador Renya Xydis says the key to effortless waves is ditching the curling iron and instead using a straightener. But there’s more to getting Victoria’s Secret-worthy hair, of course.

A lot of us get frustrated when attempting to curl our hair (self included) as the result is usually a bit of a letdown with kinks and stubborn strands poking out everywhere, and volume that doesn’t even last until lunch time, in return for hours of back-breaking effort. However, according to Xydis, it could be because they’re making one of the following mistakes…

1. You don’t use heat protection spray

I’ve been guilty of this myself, but using a heat protection spray before straightening or curling your hair is absolutely crucial, not only for keeping your hair healthy and shiny, but “also to create holding power,” Xydis says.

A heat protection product works a bit like SPF on our skin. It creates a protective layer over the cuticle of the hair strand, preventing it from sizzling and consequently breaking.

A lot of products, such as Moroccanoil’s heat styling protection spray, also include nourishing vitamins, and add some shine to your hair without weighing it down.

2. You use the hottest setting on the iron

You may think more heat equals faster, stronger curls, but it actually doesn’t. According to the hair stylist, using the highest, hottest setting is completely unnecessary unless you have extremely coarse, stubborn hair.

A hotter iron doesn’t speed up the curling process, and it also won’t make your waves last longer. All it does, is damage your hair.

Instead, start by using the lowest setting and see how your hair reacts to it. Chances are, the low to medium heat settings are hot enough to curl your hair, and the result will be much smoother.

3. You curl your hair in the wrong direction

If you’ve ever curled your hair and weren’t happy with the result, but couldn’t quite figure out why, it’s probably because you curled all the strands towards your face instead of away from it; a common rookie hair-curling mistake.

When curling a section of hair, the iron should always be turned away from the face (see demo in the video at the bottom of this article), so that you end up curling in two different directions (one for each side of your face). When you turn your curling tool towards your face, the curls end up looking awkward and unnatural.

4. You drown your hair in product

If your hair is naturally straight, you may be tempted to use volumizing products, styling mousse, and a truckload of hairspray on each individual curl, but all that does it weigh hair down.

“Over-spraying your hair with product will not result in extra hold,” Xydis explains.

“It will do the exact opposite as hair is now heavy.”

Keep products to a minimum, sticking to the essentials of heat protecting spray and hair spray. If you’re in need of some extra volume, simply wash your hair and let it air dry before curling, as this will give your locks natural texture.

Avoiding these four common mistakes should definitely up your hair curling game. And in case you’re unsure about how to curl your hair with a straightener, watch on below – because if I can do it, you definitely can…

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Comment: What’s your fave hair product for achieving perfect curls, every time?

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