4 Ways to Propose That Will Make A Great Story

July 7, 2014
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Asking your significant other to marry you is not only a giant leap in your relationship but it is also a moment you will want to cherish forever. Planning an amazing proposal and getting down on one knee, should be something truly unique; something that not only will you reminisce as time goes on, but something that your friends and family can enjoy retelling as well. There is no right or wrong way to propose to your significant other. The following are a few scenarios to consider to tip the odds in favour of an emphatic, YES!

1. The romantic

There’s something to be said for tried and true. Organise a special night out with your loved one at your favourite or an exlusive restaurant to pop the question! Organise with the wait staff in advance so they will find a gorgeous diamond ring at the bottom of a glass of champagne. Set it up with the staff at your favourite restaurant beforehand, so they know the perfect moment to bring out the aforementioned champagne glass, or pop the ring in their drink while they are in the bathroom.  

Even better, show them what a fantastic husband/wife you’d make by cooking a scrumptious dinner at home. Make it impossible to turn you down with an exquisitely set table (think flowers and candles), and you’re free to celebrate in the comfort of your own home when they say yes!

2. The thrillseeker

Throw them out of a plane! Strapped to a professional, of course. Many tandem skydiving companies, in Perth and throughout the country, will tailor a package specifically for the adventurous couple ready to take the leap (pun intended!). With a ready made ‘will you marry me?’ sign laid out on a gorgeous sandy beach/grassy landing area, your loved one will never ever forget the feeling of floating back down to earth and spotting you waiting next to this sign on bended knee…. as an added bonus, the initial fear before you jump out is an incredible bonding experience for soon-to-be newlyweds as well.

3. The outdoorsy

Let your inner child run away with this one and plan a treasure hunt. It could be as simple as a few easy clues/pictures which lead them back to the place you met, or you could make it an elaborate day of riddles and puzzles they need to solve in order to find your secret hiding spot. At which point they could find a treasure chest of momentos from your time together, or an envelope with the words ‘will you marry me?’ inside. You would of course go along for the hunt (try to resist the urge to help with the clues!) and be there ready with the ring to get down on one knee at the end…or not, if that’s your style!

4. The PDA (public display of affection)

Rent a billboard! With ‘Marry me…?’ and a picture of yourself, making sure it is in a spot they will see when you are together (so you can give them the ring and see their response). Or put out a radio broadcast, declaring your undying love and asking for their hand in marriage. These options are not for the feint of heart (or cash strapped), as both will cost money and may embarrass both parties if the proposal should not go as planned…but it you’re ready to pop the question, they must be worth the risk, right?!

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By Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Southern Skydivers, Perth’s best skydiving proposal experiences with magnificent views of the WA coast.  


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