4 Ways To Feel More Energetic Every Day

October 9, 2012

Are you drained by 3pm? Knocking back coffees to stay awake throughout the day? These 4 easy techniques will have you feeling more energetic naturally (and that means a happier you!).

1. Get over the caffeine/sugar routine

Coffee at 9am. And 1.30pm. And after picking up the kids. Washed down with a handful of chocolate. Sound familiar? You’re grasping on to the idea that coffee and sugary snacks are giving you the energy to get through the day, when it fact this killer combo is draining the life out of your day.

Limit your coffees to 1-2 a day, and keep a bottle of water on your desk to keep you hydrated (and make you feel full). Instead of sugary snacks like biscuits or that bar of charity chocolate in the office kitchen, snack on almonds which are a delicious superfood, or pack yourself a crunchy veggie pack of carrot and celery matchsticks. By having them at the ready at all times you won’t be tempted into ducking into the shops for a sweet.

2. Take a walk at lunch

Does this sound familiar come lunchtime? One hand sandwich, the other hand typing emails. Don’t forget you need to get up, stretch your legs and go for a walk. But how to fit it all in? One expert recommends getting to work 15 minutes earlier so you can answer all your urgent emails and then make sure you take some time for yourself at lunch, including a walk lunch time off. So, get up, breath the fresh air, re-energise your mind and body. Better blood circulation means better blood flow to the brain, giving you more focus and creativity in the afternoon.

3. Organise your day to get more out of it

We often feel drained because we’re running from one thing to the other. The lack of structure is actually very stressing and why most of us complain over dinner about not having achieved anything. If you can organise your day and tick things off as they get done, for example: read and reply to all emails by 10am, or spend Saturday morning planning and shopping for a week’s worth of meals, you’ll get a lot more done and feel all the better for it.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

Experts agree: sleep is absolutely fundamental to our energy levels. A good night’s sleep is all about training your brain to accept sleep into your routine. Try meditating or doing soduku to exhaust the brain into a deep sleep.

What are your tips for having more energy throughout the day?

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