44 Money Saving Tips for the New Year

January 16, 2006

44 Money Saving Tips for the New Year

Money saving ideas for your Accommodation:
1. Enquire at local University about taking in overseas students (approx.$70-150 board per student/wk)
2. Rent your house out over holidays – tourist areas can make $2500 in one week during peak season

Money saving ideas for your Banking & Money:
3. Monitor your credit card balance. Shop for introductory offers, close accounts you don?t use
4. Have an automatic deduction to pay off bankcard, hence avoiding late fees.
5. Be conscious about everything you decide to purchase.
6. When receiving a pay increase/winnings/gifts – pay off debts or invest difference
7. Stop spending coins. Save change from EVERY purchase and deposit in Savings account.
8. Have a portion of your pay automatically deposited in your Savings account
9. Tax yourself 10% of the purchase of any “luxury” item and put that away.
10. Congratulate yourself every time you do something different and helpful in saving money
11. Don’t let cheques bounce – $25-$35 fee each time

Money saving ideas for your Beauty & Personal Care:
12. Get your hair cut at a Hairdressing School, and save over half the cost.
13. Space out regular appointments – massage, hair, chiropractors, adding an extra week or 2 between usual appointment times will save you thousands over the years
14. If you utilise the services of a professional hairdresser for colouring, they may be willing to supply the colour number/code and brand name of your hair colour. Get colour, toner, squeeze bottle and gloves at a local Beauty Supply outlet store and do your own touch ups.

Money saving ideas for your Clothing:
15. Shop for clothing at 2nd. Hand shops
16. When shopping for clothing and accessories ask yourself “Do I really, really want this item? How often will I use it”
17. When you go shopping for clothes, ESPECIALLY in sales, be sure you know what you are looking for ? browsing is dangerous, and so are sales shopping without a list!
18. Have a clothing swap party ? get your friends and their friends around and invite them to bring all the clothes that no longer fit them or they just don?t wear. Everything goes in the middle and your names go in a hat. Draw out the names and you get to choose an item each until they?re all gone
19. If you shop at high-end consignment stores, purchase ONLY clothes that look fabulous & fit like a glove.

Money saving ideas for your Entertainment:
20. Have big celebrations at special places. Go to hotels for shared afternoon tea which is cheaper than dinner
21. Stop renting videos – tape good shows on T.V
22. Really THINK about the value of what you sign up for ? e.g. cable TV. How often will you watch it? Do you usually watch the no-pay stations anyway?
23. Celebrate at the beach or other beautiful free places with food & drinks to share .

Money saving tips for groceries, household purchases, travel & more

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