5 Affordable Storage Hacks

May 29, 2015
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De-cluttering the home and coming up with unique storage solutions is easy if you have the correct tools and techniques. You can use more of what you have and avoid spending additional cash on things you don’t actually need. So, if you want to liven up your home without breaking the bank, try the following hacks – which are easy even for beginners!

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Stair storage

Anyone with a double storey house will tell you that the clutter never ends, especially if you have kids around! Make use of the space beneath your stairs by creating small drawers or cupboards to store things you use on a daily basis. This could be anything from children’s arts and crafts, cleaning supplies and even toys.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks


Keep your jewellery looking neat and tidy by using an old cutlery divider. Most of the time you’ll have to trim them down to fit the dimension of the drawer, but after that it’s smooth sailing!

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Carefully manage your cosmetics, jewellery, and other little knick knacks which will always have their place.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Charging station

Transform one of your drawers in the kitchen, bedroom or living room into a portable charging station. Simply thread through a large adaptor through the top and discretely charge all of the essentials – cord free!

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Linen closet

Bring some life to the standard linen closet by adding some favourites into the mix. We’re talking about candles for relaxation, pampering items such as moisturisers and nail polishes, then finally the essentials at the bottom. If everything has a label, it’s much easier to decipher and leaves no room for clutter.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

Magnetic spices

Now this is a cool one! Store all of your favourite or most used spices in little magnetic containers. This way, you can easily see everything set out neatly, plus you won’t get confused about what each compartment contains.

5 Affordable Interior Design Hacks

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