5 All-Natural Beauty Quick Fixes

January 22, 2013

Not enough sleep left you with puffy eyes? Skin peeling from too much time in the sun? Woke up with a big fat blemish? Here’s how to fix your everyday beauty bads, quickly.

De-puff puffy eyes

Make some tea and leave two teabags in the cup and in the fridge. Once cold, cushion a teabag under each eye. Once that side gets warm, flip and rest the cool side on the under-eye area. In a hurry? Try frozen peas.

Treat peeling skin

The best thing for peeling skin is aloe vera gel. Apply throughout the day as soon as skin feels dry. Even better, keep the gel in the fridge for some cool relief.

Lighten up dark circles

It’s an oldie but a goodie – relax with cold cucumber slices under the eye for 5 minutes. Also, drink lots of water – dark circles are often caused by bad circulation and lack of oxygen. And go easy on the concealer – too much can accentuate dark circles, not erase them.

Make your dry lips kissable again

Forget expensive lip scrubs or exfoliating with sugar – all you need is your toothbrush. Give your lips a gentle scrub with your toothbrush and immediately apply lip balm. Do this morning and night for two days for soft, kissable lips.

Erase a blemish

Woke up with a nasty blemish? Ice for 30 seconds to reduce the swelling, then get rid of the red by applying a drop of redness-reducing eyedrops. If you happen to catch it the night before, clean with a gentle cleanser, dry and apply witch hazel tonic. Sleeping on a clean pillow will help, too.

What’s your favourite natural beauty quick fix?

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