5 Bad Beauty Habits To Break Now

July 5, 2012

Holding on to mascara like it’s an heirloom, over-exfoliating your skin…we’re all guilty of bad beauty habits! Here’s how to break your bad beauty habits forever.

1. Let go of that mascara – now

Take a look at your makeup bag. Is it more like a museum of beauty products? All makeup and skincare has a shelf life, especially mascara and eye makeup. Bacteria breeds and lingers in moist areas, like your eyes, so ditch your mascara after three months, max.

2. Stop over-exfoliating your skin

We all love that smooth feeling after exfoliating, but did you know exfoliating too much can actually damage your skin? Rough scrubs can actually scratch the skin, causing fine lines and breakouts. Find a mild scrub and use twice a week, that’s all your skin needs to shed dead skin cells and look radiant.

3. Not wearing sunscreen in winter

Think there’s less chance of sun damage in winter? Think again. UVA exposure (the longer-wave ageing rays) is consistent all year-round, so wear sun protection every day. Make it a morning habit – just like brushing your teeth.

4. Never washing your makeup brushes

Think about it: you use that bronzer brush every day, on good skin days – and bad. By not washing your brushes regularly, you’re spreading germs, oil and dead skin. Make it a habit to wash all your brushes weekly. Just use a mild shampoo (baby shampoo is perfect) and let the brushes dry naturally to keep their shape.

5. Going to sleep with makeup on

You’ve had a long night, and all you want to do is crash. But all that makeup is suffocating your pores, causing breakouts to pop out in the coming days. We love makeup removal wipes to blitz that caked-on makeup in seconds. Keep them by the bed so there’s no excuse.

What’s your worst beauty habit?

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