5 Bad Shopping Habits To Quit Now

September 30, 2014

We all know somebody who uses shopping as a kind of pick-me-up. Perhaps, we are that person. Most of us are at least familiar with the rush of bagging a bargain. However, needless spending is not only bad for your bank balance, it is part of a larger problem of excessive consumption and waste in the first world.

Yet, it seems like a bit of a catch-22 when women are constantly the target of advertising and shiny editorials encouraging them to invest in a new wardrobe every season, even every week. It is not surprising then, that a few of us develop some pretty bad habits trying to keep up with trends. Here are a few things to keep in mind to curb your spending and maintaining a manageable wardrobe.

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Buying a new outfit for every event

You don’t need a different outfit for your friend’s wedding, your work christmas party, and your birthday. Stop worrying about being seen in the same outfit twice (Oh, the shame!) and think about your wardrobe economically. Transform that little black dress with inexpensive accessories, try a clothing rental service, or borrow from a friend.

Buying an outfit without anywhere to wear it

Have you ever seen an amazing evening dress – on sale – and just had to have it? Meanwhile it sat in your wardrobe as the weeks rolled by, then the months, and it just never felt like the appropriate time to bring it out. Next thing you know, it’s winter and your summer dress is no longer seasonal. By the next year, that dress is hideous and you hate it. Don’t get suckered by a sale ladies! Only buy things you need and don’t waste money on things you don’t.

Buying with the intention of returning

“If I don’t like it when I get home, I can always bring it back.” Perhaps this is true. But that also takes time out of your day, not to mention that many stores only exchange a bought item, not refund your money. I have a rule, that if I’m not certain – I won’t buy it immediately. I wait, and if I still want it after a week – I’ll go back and buy it. Yes, sometimes this means you will miss out on your size or the item will sell out, but on the plus side, you still saved money!

Buying clothes or shoes that don’t fit

Again, if it doesn’t fit – it isn’t meant to be. The chances of you wearing something that doesn’t fit are very slim. Just wait, save your money, and something else will come along that is more worthy of your body and its price tag.

Buying things out of your price range

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie needs to buy her apartment back, only to realize she has no savings… but owns $40,000 worth of shoes?! Let this be a cautionary tale: you never know what financial emergencies are just around the corner – don’t spend the last of your savings on a new bag.

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