5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY

September 18, 2014

While we all love saving some money here and there by doing our own nails, face masks and even applying self tanner, there are some treatments which should be left to the professionals. Even though you may have to fork out the cash – experts in the field have both the experience and the resources to take care of any good (or bad) situation which may arise.

Gel nail polish

Who has the time to spend at home using gel nail polish? A home treatment won’t ever be as good as the one administered by a professional, while you get to sit back and enjoy yourself! If you want to give yourself a manicure at home, definitely stick to traditional fast-drying nail polish formulas.

5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY


If you haven’t admitted to cutting your own split ends, then you’re just lying to yourself! Removing those tiny split ends is one thing – but giving yourself a remarkable new haircut is another. Hair will most likely turn out crooked, damaged, and just plain bad!

5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY

Hair-dye stripping

This process usually involves using a harsh bleaching agent to remove any unwanted colours from the roots and strands of your hair. Although, this is one treatment I do admit to resorting to just once in my life. My naturally blonde hair had been coloured a warm chestnut brown, but as the colour started to fade I wanted to revert back to my blonde roots.

With a little help, I managed to strip the colour (successfully!), then headed to the hairdresser a few weeks later for a professional transition to blonde locks – which was the master plan. Even though this at-home treatment worked for me, I wouldn’t suggest it since it burns your scalp and can really damage the ends of your hair.

5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY

Eyebrow waxing

In fact, don’t touch your eyebrows at all! Plucking a few strands here and there won’t do any longterm damage, just avoid over-plucking since this could completely stunt hair growth altogether. Eyebrows are extremely difficult to master, especially if you don’t know the type of shape which suits your face.

5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY

Chemical peels

No, no, no! There is absolutely no excuse for doing your own chemical peel at home – especially if you have a very important event in the next few days. There are many risks associated with this procedure such as allergic reactions, scarring and even burns to your entire face.

5 Beauty Treatments You Should Never DIY

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