5 Best Products For Chapped Lips


While we’re all quick to moisture our face and body during the winter, our lips can often feel left out of the mix. Don’t let your lips suffer from the icy temperatures and try some of our favourite products which will heal them in no-time!

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Lanolips Banana Balm 3-in-1, $15.99

If you’re looking for an affordable drugstore lip balm, Lanolips is the perfect option. Their poplar Banana Balm 3-in-1 protects lips, plus gives them an extra amount of shine so you don’t have to use any other products. Get it while you can – it’s always sold out!

5 Best Products For Chapped Lips

By Terry Baume De Rose SPF15, $78

A little on the pricey side, this is a cult-favourite for a good reason! The super soft formula is ideal for those suffering from dry, chapped lips and can also be used as a base for lipstick. It’s extremely hydrating with a hint of rose, which is perfect for all occasions.

5 Best Products For Chapped Lips

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, $26.80

Keep this compact tube in your handbag or clutch and re-apply as needed to soothe dry, cracked lips. The lightweight formula is also ideal for skin suffering from acne, eczema and sun-burns.

5 Best Products For Chapped Lips

Nuxe Baume Levres Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm, $19.99

Another favourite amongst makeup artists at an affordable price is the Baume Levres by Nuxe. This French pharmacy brand creates hydrating products for both the face and body which is targeted at women with sensitive skin. Apply it to your lips before going to bed and wake up feeling completely hydrated.

5 Best Products For Chapped Lips

Luca’s Pawpaw Ointment, $4.99

We’re closing off this list with an essential that all women need to have in their handbag: pawpaw ointment. The multipurpose balm is made to cure cracked lips, but can also be used on burns, cuts, nappy rash and bites.

5 Best Products For Chapped Lips

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