Throwback Thursday: 5 Books To Read At The Beach This Summer

August 20, 2015
5 Books For The Beach This Summer

Who doesn’t love to lay out on the beach with a good book, and a generous layer of SPF?

Rather than taking a thick, heavy book to the beach, we have picked our top five favourites which are easy to read, and won’t tire you out. Leave the Hunger Games for another occasion, are we right?

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Bonjour Tristesse

Francoise Sagan

Nothing else will get you in the state of mind of summer than this moody book by Francoise Sagan. Set in the French Riviera, protagonist 17 year old Cecile laments about her summer with her doting father and his new wife. Cecile’s holiday is quickly turned upside down when the love of her father is diverted else wear, and she is free to roam the streets of St Tropez alone. Not only was this book a hit in France during the mid 1950’s, but it was also penned when Sagan was just 17 years old.

5 Books For The Beach This Summer


Gregory David Roberts

Now, we said no thick books but this one is a must-read during the summer. Shantaram tells the story of a convicted bank robber and addict who escapes from prison and flees to India. What he finds there is unlike anything he has seen or experienced back at home, both good and bad.

5 Books For The Beach This Summer

Summer Crossing

Truman Capote

Summer Crossing stands as Truman Capote’s first novel, which was buried away for many years and only published in 2005. Set in New York City in 1945, Capote follows the story of Grady and Clyde who meet by chance, and start a romance which inevitably ends in tears.

While the novel just stands alone at 142 pages, it will have you longing about a summer in New York City for the rest of your life.

5 Books For The Beach This Summer

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Sophie Kinsella

If you want a light and fun book to read whilst bathing on the beach, then this is the series for you. Confessions of a Shopaholic is perfect for the girl who loves to shop, and isn’t ashamed about it! If you’re really hooked after the first book, there are six more to the series!

5 Books For The Beach This Summer

This Side of Paradise

F.Scott Fitzgerald

This list wouldn’t complete with a touch of Fitzgerald, right? We’re finishing up with his first novel which was a knock-out success, and was one of the first books to speak about ‘The Lost Generation.’ Love, faith, and rejection are the main themes, and wouldn’t be lost with loyal Fitzgerald fans.

5 Books For The Beach This Summer

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