5 Bride-To-Be Decor Ideas

July 13, 2015
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Gather up your girlfriends and plan a bachelorette night filled with laughter, drinks and of course, some modern games for the bride-to-be. Our tips below are perfect if you’re planning an at-home party or pre-drinks before you head out and dance the night away!

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If you’re planning this party at home, cocktails are a must-have. Rosé, prosecco and other light, summer wines can serve as basis for your favourite cocktails. Fresh berries can also serve as a tasty garnish for sangria and other cocktail drinks.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Decorate your favourite balloons in glitter, lace and ribbons for a truly magical party. All you need to do is coat them in glue, then dip into some sparkly gold or silver glitter.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Sweets table

A champagne and sweets table is the best way to stay organised for any bachelorette party. Keep it looking modern with glitter and confetti as decoration.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas


Skip the same-old banners for ones that you can purchase off Etsy or even make yourself! This one is perfect for the bride who loves Beyoncé.

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

Table setting

Decorate the table with white tulle veil, a bridal sash and other fun bride-to-be ornaments for the party. They’re also a fun way to get into the spirit of the wedding!

Pre-Bachelorette Decor Ideas

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