5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

May 26, 2015
5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Want to give your home a revamp without breaking the bank?

Try some of these inexpensive ideas which are perfect for every single room of the house, and can even be made at home yourself!

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Are you renting or just unable to paint the walls of your home? Decals and wallpaper are quick and easy ways to bring dimension and character to any room of the house. You have the option of creating a feature wall, designing the entire room, or simply just a corner of the house.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Believe it or not, there are a few different ways to incorporate fake plants into your home (and those which don’t look too tacky!). Simple shrubs often look best, just remember to dust them every now and then.

You can always pick the alternative and purchase a mini-cactus which requires little to no maintenance to look good.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Who doesn’t love a delicious candle during the winter time? It’s the perfect way to warm-up any room without spending a small fortune. Vanilla, lavender and fresh linen are all squeaky-clean scents which everyone is bound to enjoy.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Accent walls

Bring some life to your room with an accent wall made from inexpensive fabric and canvas. It is the perfect DIY project which everyone can partake in, plus it doesn’t take too long to create!

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Photo frames

Hang some of your favourite family photos, holiday snaps, and pieces of art into individual photo frames. This way, you can create an effortless collage on the wall, and even design your work space or desk.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Images via Apartment Therapy, Urban Outfitters, MamaMia, Tumblr

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