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5 Can’t-Live-Without Summer Apps

5 Can’t-Live-Without Summer Apps

These are the five apps on highest rotation on my phone right now, from a foodie hotline to flight price scanner. I’d love to know – what’s your favourite app at the moment?

Food52 Hotline App, free

It’s hard to believe this app is free, so download it before Amanda and Merrill of cozy recipe community Food52 change their mind. Post any question, say, “how long should I roast a 7kg gam?” or “what’s the best recipe for really chewy chocolate chip cookies?” and receive an almost-instant response from their huge resource of active foodies.

8mm Vintage Camera App, $1.99

I’m kind of gaga over this app, which lets you record video on your iPhone in a variety of old-fashioned styles, like trippy 1960’s colours and grainy flickering frames – all in a beautiful, retro camera interface. Even boring family Christmas get-togethers will look like a masterpiece.

BodyMedia FIT App, free

Designed to be used with BodyMedia FIT Armbands, this is a genius all-in-one fitness system. It works by recording your daily activities in the Armband, which uploads the information to your online Activity Manager. Use the app to keep track of calories consumed and burned so you can shed those Christmas kilos faster.

Skyscanner App, free

Whether you’re travelling over the holidays, or stuck in the middle of nowhere thanks to airline delays (ahem), the Skyscanner app allows you to check flight routes and fares. An iPad app had just been launched that’s just as easy to use.

Margaret Fulton Christmas, $7.49

Wouldn’t you love to have Margaret Fulton rolling out mince pies with you this Christmas? While this app doesn’t teleport the doyenne of foolproof home cooking into your kitchen, it does share 60 of her favourite Christmas recipes in a festive, intuitive design.

What’s your favourite app at the moment?

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